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Sometimes, it feels as if the hardships of the world around you - war, death, conflict - it feels as if it doesn't happen. We move about our day to day lives, blissfully unaware of what passes underneath or overhead. The galaxies we live in? They have been filled with evil in the past. Lies and deceit; but it comes clear in the end that there are so many in this Gigaquadrant that are ready to do good despite it. This galaxy...however. No matter what good is done, it is built upon the foundations of mercilessness and wrath. The inhabitants are aware of what happens around them - Tuuros is...Tuuros is not what a galaxy should be.

- Unknown

The Tuuros Galaxy, also known as Centaurus A, Eye of Zahamantas, Adulovis Varupharnis and The Nexus is a large lenticular galaxy situated in the extreme reaches of the First Gigaqaudrant and is most commonly associated as being part of the Ikiwa Eropsii Cluster. The only lenticular galaxy left in the First Gigaquadrant (with the possible exception of the Quadrant Galaxies), the Tuuros Galaxy remains in the present day as one of the most unexplored and therefore enigmatic regions of the First Gigaqaudrant.

Unlike the rest of the galaxies of the First Gigaquadrant, the Tuuros Galaxy has no sovereign power nor a political state that oversees galactic administration. The galaxy is in fact among the most divided and politically isolated in the First Gigaquadrant, and is known for the geopolitical division between what is deemed as the 'habitable' sectors of Tuuros and the 'uninhabitable'. Known for having been controlled by the Zhulultu long before recorded history began, the galaxy is rife with conflict over political, religious and economic matters. In modern times, much superstition around the galaxy exists as many believe that this was the ancient seat of power of the Xhodocto.

Denonyms of those inhabiting the Tuuros Galaxy are sometimes known as Tuurosians, although older cultures call themselves Tuurosi. An alternative and more modern denonym by the rest of the First Gigaquadrant is Centauran.

History Edit

It is not known exactly as to when the Tuuros Galaxy formed, although many suggest that it came into being between thirteen and twelve billion years ago. The Zhulultu, a race of Ultraterrestrials were said to be the first life to have achieved sapience in the galaxy, during the time when the galaxy was still forming. However, over the millennia of the Zhulultu's evolution towards postsapience, their ethos upon the First Gigaquadrant became ruthlessly narrow, believing that only certain species should evolve - those with superior characteristics - and that others deemed unfit for galactic cooperation would be destroyed. As the Zhulultu evolved further and further, eventually achieving their ultraterrestrial nature, Tuuros became a soulless machine of a galaxy - all aspects of its growth and change were controlled by the omnipresent Zhulultu, and thus the nature of the galaxy was incorruptible, though unnatural in itself.

In this time, the Zhulultu expanded across numerous other galaxies - Tigris among others - to establish their absolute rule over the known universe. It was not until some billions of years afterwards did it become apparent to the Zhulultu's contemporaries that the Zhulultu appeared to be systematically spreading through galaxies rather than what may have been thought of as logical - indicating that there was perhaps another force at work. True to their suspicions, the Tuuros Galaxy was saturated with all manners of enigmatic and incomprehensibly advanced technology, spreading out with the influence of the Zhulultu. Many galaxies they established themselves in were also established with the terrifying Scourge Device; a mechanism of ultraterrestrial technology that would wipe out all life in a galaxy upon activating it. The revelation of the Scourge Devices sparked endless conflicts against the Zhulultu, which eventually ended approximately one and a half billion years ago.

Most of the Scourge Devices were either dismantled, buried or forgotten in time. However, Tuuros as a galaxy began to grow uncontrollably as the life there started to evolve with the unnatural influence of the Zhulultu technology left behind. Whilst some of this technology deactivated itself and parts of the galaxy returned to normal growth, some began to over-function, and a large portion of the galaxy became sparse in resources, though the life that evolved within it mysteriously acclimatised to it, creating what is now known as the anti-civilisations. Despite the sudden disappearance of the Zhulultu, they left many traces across the Gigaquadrant, in hopes that a race subject to sentience may come across a means to awaken one of their kind again.

Regions Edit

How to best put Tuuros together in a first glance? Ironically, divided. It is called The Schism for a reason. We cannot thrive in there, nor can they thrive out here. Of course, many have contacted us and it is common to see a Schism-born out here; but they are clad in life suits.

- Unknown
Minor territories
Tuuros Map AR Arqorillan Renaissance
Tuuros Map LS Lommakk Singularity

The Frontier Edit

The Frontier is the geopolitical governance of 26 autonomous sectors that account for approximately 70% of the Tuuros Galaxy's systems. As such, it is generally considered that approximately 70% of the galaxy's population exists within the Frontier. The Frontier is defined primarily by its accessibility by both the natives of Tuuros and potential foreigners for the rest of the First Gigaquadrant. Because of this, the Frontier is widely available to travel through, except for the enigmatic Imi-Xicca region that exists on the far side of the Schism.

The 26 sectors of the Frontier are classified through the Core Regions, Mid Regions and Fringe Regions - the majority of Tuuros' more influential societies are centred around the Core Regions and tend to become less influential the closer to the galaxy's edges. The Frontier's societies are the most numerous and diverse in the Tuuros Galaxy, although it is no less dangerous than the Schism.

The Schism Edit

The Schism, otherwise known as the Discontinuity, Great Scar and Bleeding Space is the 27th region of the Tuuros Galaxy, and accounts for approximately 30% of the galaxy's total population and star count. Defined primarily as an abnormal and supernatural region of space, the Schism plays host to a variety of unstable laws of reality, often to the degree of life evolving on planets considered uninhabitable in conventional terms, and in more extreme cases, life has evolved without the need of a planet to evolve upon. Because of this, the Schism is highly dangerous to those from the Frontier, and vice versa - creating a sociopolitical divide between the Schism and Frontier, as well as a sparse demographic of either populace in the opposite region.

The Schism is sparse of resources, and thus, life and societies that have grown in the Schism have grown to be very resilient and in turn more formidable than a majority of the nations from the Frontier. There are several rumours of dark and ominous phenomena in the Schism of artefacts and supernatural presences that were left behind from the days of the Zhulultu, that may indeed be the reason behind the Schism's existence. Some of the Schism's deepest recesses are said to contain interdimensional leaks to realms both dangerous and threatening.

Government and Politics Edit

Autonomous among nearly all of Tuuros' native species, the Tuuros Galaxy is home to a wide array of fortitudinous cultures both from the Frontier and the Schism. Although normally considered mythological conjecture, it is said that the way in which the Zhulultu of old shaped the Tuuros Galaxy caused Tuuros' life to evolve and interact in ways far more aggressively and violently than the rest of the First Gigaquadrant; thus, Tuuros is often considered dystopian and unruly beyond any measure other than the complete subjugation of the galaxy altogether. In the vast history of the Tuuros Galaxy, there has never been a single galactic government since the Zhulultu - although some believe The Congregation came the closest to entirely subjugating the galaxy under their rule, although even then the Congregation was met with fierce resistance, and a number of civilisations retained their sovereignty.

Due to the lack of singular galactic government in the galaxy, and an apparent lack of a galactic superpower, the Tuuros Galaxy's political landscape is largely independent and has varying levels of freedoms and rights - nations such as the Nanusuloan Convocation possess some of the galaxy's most liberal policies, whilst nations such as the Sacrosanctity of Hiroghain and Ikara and Vranntan Order are slavers, and have predilections to entirely erase the identities of enslaved cultures altogether. In modern times, some believe that the Nijusi Syndicate is on the verge of becoming Tuuros' single superpower, and a number of the galaxy's populace believe it may either be the salvation or the downfall of Tuuros.

Whilst there are divides between every sector in the Tuuros Galaxy, the divide between the Frontier and Schism in itself is perhaps the most aggressive and prevalent. Forged from the perceptions of the unnatural growth of the Schism, a number of the Frontier's races are xenophobic towards the Schism, and those of the Schism reciprocate the sentiment. Whilst there is little military interaction between the Schism and Frontier, the Schism is in a state of perpetual civil war over territory and resources, and thus alliances in the Schism are often rare, and those that are made are almost always temporary. Some nations such as the Enaphrosian Hegemony and the Rasumuru Ascendancy do not correlate to the aggressive nature of the Schism and do have active diplomatic relations with nations from the Frontier.

A galaxy of entities both peculiar and unnatural, there are multiple governments in the Tuuros Galaxy that are above political and moral jurisdiction, and present threats to both the Frontier and Schism. Many of these threats are ancient and Schism-born, which only adds to the negative perception of the Schism overall. In truth, the Schism is also under threat from these alien governments, and in times have had to defend themselves.

Species and Races Edit

A galaxy of approximately nine million species, the Tuuros Galaxy's unnatural beginnings have ensured the growth of Tuuros' species to be both physically and mentally formidable; proverbs of the Tuuros Galaxy from ancient times entail that the Tuuros Galaxy is full of species with an instinct of survival and an inclination to supersede - it is notable to say that a vast number of Tuuros' spacefaring nations are of species with physical superiority, and those that are not physically strong are often highly intelligent. It is thought that the Zhulultu in ancient times had seeded life across a massive number of the Tuuros Galaxy's planets, and that a number of Tuuros' more influential nations were a product of the seeding process. Among these species are the Nanusuloans and Vranntan. There is no dominant species within the Tuuros Galaxy in either influence or population, although some argue that the Sumikians are the most prevalent race in the galaxy.

In correlation to the Frontier, races in the Schism have not only grown to be strong, but have evolved in ways beyond natural reckoning. Many races in the Schism are able to survive on worlds considered deathly by the Gigaquadrant, and some have even attained biological immortality. However, Schism races cannot survive outside of the Schism without technological aid, and in turn the Frontier species cannot survive within the Schism.

There is a significant number of machine races within the Tuuros Galaxy - a higher concentration than the rest of the First Gigaquadrant that is largely the assumption of either precursor technology or technology directly derived from the Zhulultu. These machine races have varying levels of sentience and thus these species have varying levels of complex governments; the Asilapheans being among the Frontier's most notable machine races that were the products of ancient precursors.

Society and Culture Edit

Pffft. Outside of the Tala-Lok and Yaton-Tala Sectors, society and culture is little more than a vast number of savages trying to outsmart and outmatch one another. Tuuros is dangerous, that much everyone knows. You have to be smart, and you have to be strong to live in the wilderness, or you will be the next victim of a Vranntan pillage.

- Unknown Sumikian

A common sight in Tuuros is Vranntan invasions.

Tuuros society is extremely fractured, and most cultures are isolated from one another. Whilst there have been countless attempts over the ages to unite the galaxy together, all attempts so far have failed. Nearly every individual savvy enough to live within Tuuros believe that the galaxy will never be united, as the galaxy is rife with xenophobia among the life of the Frontier - among themselves and particular racism towards the life within The Schism.

Due to the lack of a galactic government like the Pan-Andromedan Ecumene and Polar Crystal Alliance, criminality and lawlessness is ultimately the sovereign power of the Tuuros Galaxy, and civilisation comparable to the rest of the First Gigaquadrant is seldom found. In more recent years following the War of Ages, many natives of Tuuros have elected to live within the safer regions of the galaxy, which has in fact alleviated some of the xenophobic tensions between species, although this has increased a political sentiment known as Frontierism - a belief that the Schism must be contained or either destroyed to prevent a galactic war, although it will inevitably create a galactic war nonetheless.

Within the Frontier, society is far more diverse than that of within The Schism; life has evolved in a far wider state than the Schism. However, it remains equally as divided as The Schism itself, with only a few political relations actively making an effort to stabilise the region of space they live within. In the reaches closer to the Schism itself, the Vranntan Order and the Nijusi Syndicate exist; two states that profit off criminal activity and violent intention.

Notes Edit

Quotes Edit

The Source of True Evil, a place where darkness thrives!

- Emperor Dino Le Rambo I of Rambo Nation

Tuuros belongs to Chaos. Any other attempts to claim it are inconsequential.

- Sethzak
The Tuuros Galaxy
  • Galaxy Colonisation - Open
  • Native Civilisation System Limit - 62,500
  • Foreign Civilisation System Limit - 10,000
  • Advancement Cap - Tier 3.5/Kardashev Scale II