We are the backbone of the empire and without us chaos and disorder would engulf Tralor kind and the whole Mirus galaxy! You need us.

- ULE government speaker

The government of the United Lanat Empire was formed on 0YAF (Years After Formation) and is in charge of, among other things keeping civil order in the ULE by any means necessary (Torture, state terrorism, assassination, ect.)

Government hierarchyEdit

This is the hierarchy of the United Lanat Empire government.


The Emperor or Empress of the United Lanat Empire is the absolute leader of the ULE. The Emperor must approve laws that have been brought forth by the upper and lower councils, make alliances and declare war, bring punishment to rebellious colonies, appoint council members, and other stately things. The Emperor is also what binds the Empire together with their strict guidance and authority. Emperors and Empresses rule until death most of the time. The only way to become an Emperor is to be born into it or be chosen by the previous emperor.

High CouncilEdit

The high council serves as the closest advisers to the emperor and if the emperor is compromised then leaders until a new one is crowned. The high council never exceeds twenty and its members are ofter leaders of the navy or some other military or civilian organization. The high council approves laws submitted by the lower council and also, sometimes writes their own laws for approval by the emperor.

Lower CouncilEdit

The lower council is a community of 100 to 200 the debates and come up with new laws to be submitted to the emperor. The lower council is also used for when the Emperor wants a wider opinion about a subject.

Sector representativesEdit

Sector representatives are in charge of maintaining different sectors of ULE space. Sector representatives must keep everything in their system running smoothly or they will be 'replaced.

Planetary representativesEdit

Planetary representatives are chose by sector representatives to maintain their planet.

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