The Vyro'Ralza

The Vyro'Ralza, better known as the Traffphyds, are mythical mysterious and malevolent watchers of Time, whose role is as destroyers of all its anomalies and abusers. Opposites of the lawful Vyro'Narza (or Taldar), the Traffphyds are apathetic and emotionless beings who know nothing other than their task.

Though most are alligned with the Dominion of the Xhodocto, several work with the Vyro'Narza. Those alligned with the Xhodocto work under their god, Vyro'Ralzora, or Zargoth, in a goal to bring destruction to those who would abuse their right to travel through Time, and to vanquish all forces which attempt to disrupt the universe' control by the Xhodocto.

The Traffphyds value stealth and speed above all. Making use of Dark Chronoscopic powers, the Traffphyds value efficiency and do not value the lives of the third dimensional beings.

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Greetings, young, three dimensional mortals!
Phiolosophy/teachings of the Taldar
The Traffphyds will obliterate all...
Bow to the might of the Traffphyds...
Time: a living, breathing thing.
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Burn in Hell, mortal...
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The Traffphyds will obliterate all...
Bow to the might of the Traffphyds...

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