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Vyroni-Ralzoids, the Dark Beings of Dark Chronoscopic
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Racial information
LocomotionWalks on 4 legs
SizeApproximately 2.5 foot
LifespanTwo billion years
PersonalityDestructive and demanding
AffiliationTraffphyd Imperium
Taldar Imperium
Legion of the Deathmarch
Racial capitalTraffphyddia
Racial leader(s)Emperor Zargoth
Racial spaceshipThe flagship is invisible, so this is unknown
HomeworldFrom a place clouded in time
Area(s)It is unknown since they cloud areas they own from time
Primary language(s)A language nothing else can understand
Secondary language(s)All others
HeightAlways 12 foot
Average heightAbout 2.5 foot
AlignmentChaotic Evil
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Vyro'Ralza, the dark Ultraterrestrials of Time and Chronoscopic, opposites of the Vyro'Narza.

The Vyro'Ralza, better known as the Traffphyds and classified as Vyroni-Ralzoids, are mysterious beings, opposites of the Vyro'Narza (or Taldar). The Vyro'Ralza are split into two factions, one which is loyal to the Taldar Imperium, and another loyal to the Dominion of the Xhodocto; the Deathmarch/Xhodocto-alligned Traffphyds are led by Emperor Zargoth, a former Taldar emperor.


The Vyro'Ralza are incredibly mysterious beings, who prefer to stay hidden. They seem to work more individually to how the Vyro'Narza function better as a group. Vyro'Ralza are perfect for silent raids, which can disrupt enemies, or target certain groups. Vyro'Ralza and their associates tend to be stealthy by nature, rarely making full-on frontal assaults without at least some units being hidden.

Vyro'Ralza reside in Sequencium with the Vyro'Narza, and share the same philosophy. Vyro'Ralza are seen as neither creature nor demon, although they are associated with demonic entities.


They are incredibly important to the Time, in the same way the Vyro'Narza are, and important to the Chronoscopic Conflict.

The Traffphyd's purpose to Time is to destroy anyone who interferes with time, IE causing non-Time War time anomalies and causing a paradox. they destroy the entire area to fix it, and becasuse they enjoy destruction and misery.

Traffphyds use energy from dead stars to create Black Holes, which is part of their purpose- getting rid of dead stars- but also because black holes suck in time and space, which they wish to destroy (dspite looking after them). They have created several of them.

History Edit

Archaic Edit

The Vyro'Ralza were created by former Vyro'Narza Emperor, Zargoth, who was the last Vyro'Narza emperor (after him, the Taldar had no leader of their group mind). Zargoth had been banished for his crimes, and thus created the Traffphyds, defecting to the Ayrai'Shikua. It was learnt during the Second Borealis Galactic War that they were created by fusing the souls of the Unified Nation of Ottzello in another timeline.

Kamik'Shi, who needed a way to combat his Vyro'Narza annoyance, accepted Zargoth only for his own personal gain; as Kamik'Shi had just won a round in the Game of Existence, he was feeling pleased enough to do so.

The Traffphyds soon spread across the omniverse, and the Traffphyd Imperium almost became as powerful as the Vyro'Narza. This Chronoscopic Conflict was originally several Time Wars between the two.

Fall of the Imperium Edit

Not long ago, the Traffphyd Imperium was destroyed, and absorbed into the Legion of the Deathmarch with the Xhodocto. However, the rest of the Traffphyds were absorbed into the Taldar Imperium. Zargoth himself went about working for the Taldar for a unknown reason.

Second Borealis Galactic War Edit

The Vyro'Ralza fought for Zargoth, during the time in which they had been created in another timeline. In this timeline, they fought against The Vague during the Wrath of Gods era.

Characteristics Edit

Physiology Edit

Main article: Creature:Traffphyd

Like the Taldar, the Traffphyds are not really creatures, they are more like fifth dimensional astral entities, and classifiable as demons. Traffphyds are rarely ever seen, but are large, visiually striking, terrifying figures to those who do. They can hardly be compared to normal creatures at all; this is all what 3 dimensional mortals can see.

The Traffphyd's true bodies transcend matter; there is no distinction between their awareness and their "body". It is impossible to visualise their entire structure in three dimensions, if a Traffphyd stuck their thumb into the third dimension for example, its inhabitants would only see a crossection of it moving through their space.

However, there are occasions when a Traffphyd will need to compress its awareness into the third dimension. Their three dimensions forms are actually projections that are beamed from the edge of reality.

Main article: Souls

Traffphyd also use 'souls', an essential replacement of mortal brains and souls. Traffphyd souls, in fact, are the actual 5D bodies of Traffphyd. Essentially the actual Traffphyd, while their forms are just remotely controlled, with Souls acting as the organic brain. Traffphyd Souls are found in the Chronoscopic Realm. From there, Traffphyd souls reside inside what are thought to be computers. The projection of these souls control their avatars. Essentially souls could be inserted into any avatar. Souls could also be seen as their 5D forms' brains.

5D forms

The Traffphyd's 5D forms are an intricate design. Gravity is their primary sense/frequency of consciousness,

3D forms

Traffphyds have 3D avatars, and their main avatar is the one seen on this page. For the main page of it see here. While many things such as use in combat have been described, they don't use their forms for combat. Traffphyd movement has been described as hovering/flying, and they move and function together in their group mind.

Abilities Edit

The Dark Chronoscopic Energy is a previously unknown spectrum of Chronoscopic. It has been adapted by the Traffphyds so much that it became the same as the Chronoscopic but with the opposite effect. It can do many things the Chronoscopic can't and it's powers are more unnatural and, like the Chronoscopic, is constantly expanding. But it's existence is necessary as otherwise things such as Inter-Galactic Rifts and Wormholes would have nothing to look after it. In the same way, if there was no Chronoscopic, then it would eventually spread around and create too many, also would cause too many natural disasters.

True capabilities

The Vyro'Ralza have similar capabilities of the Vyro'Narza (which can be seen here). These are:

  • Extended abilities in spacetime
    • The ability to arrive before events
    • Command over Time, motion and mobility
    • Multi-Universe (multiple history travel- time travel to them is just navigating through timelines)
    • Ability to nudge things out of time (from a tiny pin to an entire multiverse)
    • Traffphyds can also create Time bubbles with Chronoscopic, which sets it outside time and (if they will) outside the universe
  • Informational manipulation (with matter and energy being editable)
    • Warping spacetime (using heavy masses such as dark matter and energy)
    • Changing laws of reality to their will
    • Information tech based on gravity
  • Altering the density in space
  • Manipulating matter and particles to their will and moving their position/throwing them about, used as their weakest weapon in military and for building (incredibly quick, as long as a few nanoseconds + Chronoscopic making time irrelevant), moving objects, changing their shape, etc, to the extent where they can change the state of spacetime itself
  • Streaming data of the universe
  • Weaponry/destructive capabilities
    • Ability to create spacetime bowels which can cause devastating effects
    • Create wormholes in seconds
    • Remove the opponent from time (in multiple ways, and multiple outcomes)
    • Essentially, in the weakest Traffphyd military, it is theorized as little 14 could destroy a universe; this kind of power would never really be used in this universe
    • The Traffphyds can use their matter and total manipulation of the universe' fundamentals (seen in Tech Capabilities) to obliterate their foes
    • Of course, Traffphyds can easily- in multiple ways- remove most their enemies from time easily

Habitat Edit

Taldar realm 2

Taldar realm and 5D space

Traffphyds live with Taldar solely in their realm, Vyronia, or Sequencium. However they work in other dimensions, such as this one. They work in the universe, as one of the available jobs (such as Military, Technology research), or perform mandatory Time watching service. Their habitat isn't one that 3D mortals could comprehend in any way, so the Taldar created 'visions' of this which 3D beings can relate to. Even how they do this is unknown. There has been some suggestion, however, that the Taldar and Traffphyds own multiple universes of several different dimensions, but there is no solid evidence to back up this theory.

The realm's perception to 3D mortals would drive on insane. This happened to an ordinary human, James Koan, on one occaision. When mortals try to perceive their realm, the Taldar (somehow) manage to present them 'images' that they can relate to, making it understandable, and look like normal buildings.

Sequencium also fills the role of feeding through time information to the omniverse, thus keeping the sequence of time.

The realm maybe in a higher plane of reality, but it has most control over Chronoscopic and holospace, which it is thought to be made of. This makes it unknown as to what the time watchers' and the realms' brane is; it is thought to be a 5D realm and the Vyro'Narza to be 5D, but it is possible that the 5D realm and the Vyro'Narza are a front for those from a higher plane.

3D space

Outside their realm, the Traffphyds have control of many 3D universes, most of which they create themselves. They often fill these universes with 3D life, or simply use them for 'messing around', research, and other testing purposes. As only around 15 Traffphyds could create a realm, and they simply pause time in the 3D realspace they've created, several 3D realms are made full of life in only a few nanoseconds. However, these realms are often seen as outposts, and constantly fall to the Ayrai'Shikua daily, but the Traffphyds destroy similar Xhodocto realms daily at a rate that is almost the same, and the Traffphyds can create realms faster than the Xhodocto can destroy them, due to their time manipulation (literally a realm would exist full of life as soon as it's been made, so time being irrelevant to the Xhodocto is... irrelevant).

One exception to this was during War of the Ancients, where, due to the contents of the 3D realm they had created, neither force was allowed to use power close to their true capabilities.

Other dimensions

Traffphyds have dimensions of 2D, 4D, 6D and other dimensions, for the same purposes as the 3D realms. Similarly, Xhodocto and other godraces are constantly battling in these realms daily. In different dimensions, there are very different physics behind them. The visit to the 6th dimension, for example, is a lot more difficult to the visit to the 4th, which is a breeze. The 2nd dimension is incredibly easy, and describing it as a breeze would be a major understatement.

Taldar 'cities'

The Traffphyds live with Taldar in cities apparently are huge metropolises, but mortals cannot perceive true Taldar cities. The society within them is also incredibly different to that of mortal life, but in a way that is incomprehensible.

Technology Edit

Vehicles Edit

Due to their nature, and the fact that they themselves hover and teleport, they do not need to use any vehicles of any sort. The only technology relatable to a vehicle they have is the Deathbringer ship; a terrifying fortress of a capital cruiser-like ship.

Devices Edit

The devices that the Traffphyds are completely unknown to all but themselves. It is unknown if the Traffphyds need any technological devices in this realm, as their spacetime manipulating powers can achieve anything that they want.

Weapons Edit

The Traffphyds don't use any conventional weapons, just their Dark Chronoscopic powers, and their bodies' striking power. It is rumoured that they have some weapons,a although these weapons are likely not used by them, and possibly by their associates.

Notes Edit

  • While the Traffphds are classified as demons, they are very different to an average demonic entity, and some debate whether the Vyro'Ralza fit this classification.

Gallery Edit

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