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Members Krassio Host, The Deathmarch, The Delpha Coalition of planets, Rambo Nation, Seven Starr Alliance, Capricorn Sector Alliance, Church of Spode, Shka'Tun.
Status Recently Started
Current Influences Xhodocto and Krassio(Universe 66501), Seven Starr Alliance (Actual Universe)
Locations Universe 66501, Actual Universe.
State Healing process

This is the Cold War, Aftermath of the great Truce that ended the Ascension War, which was growing more devastated and started to affect the current events of both sides, the Deathmarch offered a truce to the Allies, which they accepted, the Xhodocto and remaining Sphagarzi opened good relations with the others, but most of the Krassio, now called the Krassio Host, disappeared from Universe 66501 and the Actual Universe.

This "war" has six separated stories, like the previous one: Krassio Host, Deathmarch, DCP, SSA, Rambo Nation, CSA and Church of Spode, if you want to join in the healing and little skirmishes happening in this war contact The Valader or Xhodocto3546 to put your name up.

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Krassio Host StoryEdit


The House of Krassio reached celestial/psionic power and became the Krassio Host, the armies of the Krassio left Universe 66501 to battle against other enemy but still their leaved on their home the civilians, a 30% of the Krassio remained on the cities, trusting that the Xhodocto will keep their word, the previous Cianju Alliance long ago encountered the Xhodocto, in that time known as the Congregation, and started a war between them that lasted centuries, now and as the Allies grew in power the Xhodocto offered the truce, which they accepted hardly, and so the Krassio that remained started to heal Actual Universe along with the Xhodocto.


The Krassio that remained in the Universe 66501 started working in rebuilding what they have lost, homes, entire cities and colonies, and started healing their territory with their psionic power, the allies returned to the Actual Universe, but the Krassio decided to stay since it was already to late for them to come back in there, they were just to many and to big enough to live with them.

Psionic TrainingEdit

The Krassio that remained on the Universe 66501 started what was called "The Great Training" among them, all the population of them decided to explore their new powers as the Host and so they started a slow advance in their combat perfection methods, and as their power as psionic beings also affected technology, their expanse in mental, physical and political powers grew more and more.

Xhodocto unite KrassioEdit

The Ophurzhul Krath'Ashrughal, representative of the Deathmarch of the Xhodocto, met with the Leader of the Krassio in Universe 66501, Lagartoss, the two celebrated council in neutral place; the system where the last stand of Sphagarzi was made against the DCP, the two leaders discussed political, commercial and warfare affairs, what they agreed is still to be known in results, but Krath'Ashrughal offered sharing of a small proportion of both sides combat techniques and power abilities, as the two faces of the coin didn't liked each other yet, and so Krassio High Masters and Xhodocto Death Mages were greeted in the same system monitored by both sides armies, and shared limited knowledge. The information shared is unknown to public, but some say that it could be heard some laughing, one thing was certain, Xhodocto didn't understood Krassio psionic power as the Krassio didn't understood evil power.

The Host armies returnEdit

As the work on the Iluvii galaxy was done, and the Krass and Krassio resulted in triumph, the Armies of the Krassio returned to their homes, many lives were taken, but many more returned home, as their experiences against another psionic beings left them full of combat experience and their skills upgraded, the Oratorius noted on the Krassio Library their experiences and losses, but they arrived proud, safe and sound, as they achieved victory and surprised their Fore Fathers, they brought new technology, medicine, and techniques in psionic energy.

Deathmarch StoryEdit


The feared Xhodocto have been destroyers of life for countless years. Being creatures of legend, the Xhodocto instilled fear in all life. Recently, the Xhodocto became entangled with the Cianju Alliance and had drawn many factions into the war, creating the War of Ages, first the favor went for the Deathmarch, but after the war passed on to the Universe 66501, their former defeats in there obligated them to offer a truce to their most powerful enemies, the Krassio, and their allies, the Allies accepted the pact, and then the armies of the Allies started to leave the now Infernal/Celestial Universe (for the Krassio didn't left), and so the Xhodocto, as an act of faith, started numerous actions to calm down all the hatred of the allies.

Deception Edit

Some intel was discovered about the Xhodocto, which says that the Xhodocto did not awake 150 years ago, as supposed, but about 21,000 years ago. The Xhodocto were awakened using an Ancient Structure, built sometime near the Xhodocto's creation. They were placed randomly all over the universe, unfortunately, one landed on Earth about 23,000 years ago. To their misfortune, a human tribe found the structure, and pushed the switch that was situated on the structure. This unleashed the Xhodocto all over the universe, but their awakening originated from Earth!

Helping others Edit

The Xhodocto, with a great policy of helping those who want, started helping other minor empires, in wars, alliances, support, healing their lands, giving away some of their teachings inclusively.

The Krassio agreed to work together in healing the war nature casualties, as the Xhodocto summoned their half brothers, the Xhousthoe to work along them in the recreation of the Universe.

Rivalry forever Edit

Though the two powerful species started working together, the Xhodocto still hate and will always hate the Krassio, as its an enemy far more superior they ever though and could not ever eliminate them. The Krassio though the same, they will hate them for all the sins they have committed against the Cianju, House of Krassio, and currently the Host.

Rambo Nation/Rambo Empire StoryEdit


The Faction that possibly suffered most in the war, still when the truce started they recovered and adapted quickly, as so they could turn to other affairs, they have been done a lot of help in the Universal community, helping minor and weaker races to overcome the recently ended war, still many small empires have been even transformed into aggressive factions in under to avoid destruction. The Rambo Nation never gives up, and now the Remnant and the Nation are united, becoming even more powerful.

Empress Ramashe was very pleased with the truce, a very dangerous enemy was made peace with. And as such, Ramashe claimed the Xhodocto a neutral force and hopes that the relations will improve so that they can forget there violent past and can live in peace together, even with there differences and point of views.


Cold War Deception

the USS Avalon and a Discovery Class engage a Xhodocto Cruiser.

However, even when Empress Ramashe accepted the truce, not all in Rambo Nation found this a good thing, but none the less accepted it. But others, the enemies of Rambo Nation, saw this as an opportunity and as such, the Imperial Alliance started the Second Galactic War, and an unknown enemy, the Agh rakatulûk, an evil Ramboidae attacked a Xhodocto Cruiser. The Cruiser taken by surprise, was destroyed shortly after, as the Imperialea's ships are very powerful.

The Agh rakatulûk ships resemble that of Rambo Nation, and Captain Ramgûlak of the USS Avalon even used a false transmission, claiming that Rambo Nation will never accept the Xhodocto. This attack remained unknown to Rambo Nation and the Imperialea are awaiting the reaction of the Xhodocto, hoping it will draw Rambo Nation again in a war, or weaken it so much, that the Imperialea have an easy way of invading and conquering Rambo Nation.


As Empress Ramashe investigated the incident, she came to the conclusion that no known Rambo ships were involved, however that the Warp traces does have similarities, but were not the same as Rambo ships. She contacted General Draguros and explained her findings. She then tried to reopen truce negotiations and hoped she could recieve some books or other information about the Xhodocto history, hoping to understand the Xhodocto more.

Deception Stage 02Edit

USS Guinevere vs DCP

The USS Guinevere attacks a DCP Cruiser

Captain Chisarlyna of the USS Lady Guinevere received a special transmission and was given the task to destabilize Rambo Nation's position among her allies. And as such she took her vessel and targeted the nearest DCP vessel, the DCP vessel unaware that the USS Guinevere was an enemy ship did not raise shield, as the ship seemed like a new Rambo Nation vessel, however this was not the case and the ship opened fire at the DCP vessel. However, the DCP vessel was a powerful one and Captain Chisarlyna only crippled the vessel so it could spread the tale that a Rambo Nation look a like ship attacked the DCP. She later left the scene.

Second Galactic WarEdit

However, the position of Rambo Nation was only to get worse as Rambo Nation was once again attacked by the Imperial Alliance and a new and dangerous enemy, the Ruin Sector Alliance. However as they made there stand it was a futile one. The Noble Alliance had fallen and Rambo Nation was cut off from her allies.

Now the Imperial Alliance blocked all transmission from and to Rambo Nation, thus giving there allies, the Rambo Empire the opportunity to blackmail the reputation of Rambo Nation.

Delpha Coalition of Planets StoryEdit


The DCP had a very major position in the Ascension War, as along with the Krassio to make the Deathmarch to retreat and extinct one of the Xhodocto Allies, they have returned to the Actual Universe to restore their homes, they have been in open communications recently with the Xhodocto, and they called this events the Times of peace instead of a Cold War, they are being helped by the Xhodocto themselves in order to restore their physical empire.

The TruceEdit

After the truce, the DCP withdrew its fleet and troops. In return the Xhodocto have given the DCP some of their technology and knowledge. Not all the DCP is pleased however, some still believe the Xhodocto are deceiving the DCP, and ships are still on high alert and are on standby. No bugs or malicious pieces of technology have been found in the Xhodocto gifts.

Grimbolsaurian DNA Edit

Recently the Xhodocto have asked for a sample of Grimbolsaurian and Postgrimbolsaurian genetic codes (Postgrimbolsaurians are genetically and cybernetically enhanced Grimbolsaurians), and after much talks, there has been mixed opinions. However, Captain Jazzaroth himself has agreed to help the Xhodocto, with the help of a few Grimbolsaurian scientists to hand their knowledge and increase the peace by Xhodocto and DCP scientists working together.

The DCP Warlord ask Xhodocto for trainingEdit

As the DCP named several leaders as Warlords, below Wormulus command, one of them got interested in the Xhodocto teachings, and decided to request enlightening from them, the Xhodocto put the warnings and the Warlord still wanted, and so the Xhodocto sent their teachers to train the Warlord, though the other species really don't know if Wormulus is aware of this or not, many disapprove, and others saw it as an action of kindness towards the Xhodocto.

Capricorn Sector Alliance/United Republic of CyrannusEdit


Recently and little before the war ended, the Capricorn Sector Alliance joined the Allies, as they have not being so devastated, they are helping restore justice and healing the Actual Universe, they are on other matters that even the Xhodocto are, like the Trucinex War, in which the Xhodocto support them, they have been really helpful to lesser races and even grew due to need of protection of minor races.

Wartime HelpEdit

The evil Trucinex bombed the Twelve Colonies of Capricorn, using nukes. This event killed billions. Then President Lily Wilsa contacted Rambo Nation and the Delpha Coalition of Planets who luckily sent many fleets, to help in the Trucinex War. Over the next couple of months the war waged on and with it the friendship between the Rambo and the DCP grew stronger. An alliance was also formed with the House of Krassio who promised to help if the CSA was ever invaded by the Xhodocto. After the Truce, the Xhodocto began to help the CSA with great results in the war.

The Inviere PlanEdit

As a friendly action, the Capricorn Sector Alliance is using its extreme wealth to help pay for reparations needed by empires that suffered during the Tigris and Ascension Wars. Any empire involved in the war can sign up to the plan. The CSA is also using their warships to help fortify and protect smaller empires located around the galaxy.

The Second Galactic WarEdit

With the end of the Trucinex War, the CSA send 5 battlefleets to quadrant 82 to help the Rambo in their struggle against the Imperial Alliance, after some victories the war effort went down hill, the Imperial Alliance won several victories, they had new starships, and the Mortalitas joined their ranks. The Imperial Aliance than began to attack CSA Colonies in the Cyrannus Galaxy, many were failures but the attacks are getting more organised...

United Republic of CyrannusEdit

The CSA has recently been reorganised into the United Republic of Cyrannus, a large federal republic controlling all of the native Cyrannus Galaxy

The Church of Spode/Masaari ConfederationEdit


They joined since the end of Tigris War, leaded by the zealots called Radeons, they have supported the war until it ended, now they serve as a great influence of the Actual Universe, and the word of Spode keeps spreading.

They are now able to freely roam between universes, as taught by their new mentors, the Insectids. As such, some Radeon stayed in universe 66501, trading with Xhodocto and keeping good relations. While most returned back into their Deus Rift. From this time, Radeon started to evolve into more peaceful and accepting species, even allowing unbelievers to join their alliance, Masaari Confederation.

But not all is good. As war ended, cooperation with other species would be harder.

Advancement Edit

Radeon returned back into their home, learned many things by Insectids, their new mentors. Masaari technology started to rapidly grow. Soon they learned strange structure of their home cluster, the Deus Rift.

Uniqueness of this cluster was that it bended space into smaller form. As such, traveling between galaxies through rift was quite easier. Insectids helped them to harness this strange anomaly and to form numerous pathways and portals into a large web, which covers nearly entire universe, and also Universe 66501! Radeon started to learn secrets of spacetime and universe, and they evolved into Kardashev IV empire.

But newly created stars and planets were lifeless. As such, Radeon started to fill them with life.

New encounters Edit

Radeon have sent fleets to explore and recolonize rift. Numerous ships traveled between cluster, and some have found something interesting.

They have found numerous new strains of Radeon - Argentis, Ferros and Cobaltis.

Argentis are peaceful nation of traders and scientists. They control several planets and Radeon helped them to grow. Soon Radeon allied with them.

Ferros and Cobaltis were hard. Ferris is warrior race, and Cobaltis are hostile shamans. However, after some struggle, they allied with Radeon.

Masaari scientists were puzzled by this discovery. It is presumed that they are descended from Rades long ago.

The SSA civil War Edit

Apparently the Spodelings members of the Seven Starr Alliance ran in many disagreements and dislikes with the Jarquvix, another SSA sizable empire member, the two ran into rivalry and after that became enemies, separating the SSA in two powerful sides, the Krassio and the Xhodocto did not participate in this event, though it is considered one of the greatest historical events in the history of SSA, since its unity was very famous.

Murphy Survivor Edit

Introduction Edit

The Murphy Empire was all but extinct. Except for General Huli. However, the Xhodocto are bringing back the life they destroyed, and this includes the Murphy. However, General Huli has not been seen since the early Post-Scourge War, so Admiral Horlin will begin trying to find Huli. His last known position was tracked leaving his homeworld Mylor, in the direction of the Gylomor pulsar.

Grox Edit

Introduction Edit

The Grox were in mass retreat to Universe 66501 after their major defeat in the original universe, after pounding attacks from the DCP and the Xhodocto.

However, the Grox have recently began to return to the original universe, and this time they are even more powerful than previously. They want to re-colonize the Tigris and Milky Way galaxies, however, this could spark a new war with the Delpha Coalition of Planets.

Conflict with the Salsetthe RepublicEdit

During the last few weeks, several border conflicts have erupted between the Grox and the Salsetthe Republic. Also, while a colony near the Galactic Core was being constructed and was not yet cloaked, a Grox fleet attempted to invade the colony. Their lead ship was destroyed by a cloaked Tricobalt mine, and several more of them were disabled or destroyed by similar mines. As the crippled Grox fleet attempted to retreat, a group of ten Salsetthe ships came and destroyed the remainder of them. This conflict could be the start of a war between the Grox and the Salsetthe Republic. The tensions have risen even further over the last few Earth days, as the Grox attempted to gain control of another colony that was being constructed, and the again, failed to do any damage to the colony, and the invading fleet was quickly destroyed by Salsetthe ships. As of Earth date April 28th 2409, the Salsetthe Republic has officially declared war on The Grox, and further fortifications are already being made to the existing Salsetthe colonies near Milky Way Galaxy's Galactic Core.

Defensive System's Bloc StoryEdit


The DSB didn't participate much in the Tigris War or the Post-Scourge War, and both ignorances have led to disaster. The DSB decided to take military action and fight the Xhodocto alongside the allies. They did not expect them to be peacefully working together. The Xhodocto were suspected of trickery, but the allies were actually working with the Xhodocto. The DSB didn't trust the Xhodocto, because they had caused two major blows to the Bloc, but the Bloc were willing to co-operate.

Inter-Galactic TravelEdit

Unlike other factions, the Bloc had not developed inter-galactic travel. Scientist were working on it, and after several successful probe launches into the Andromeda Galaxy, the scientists were ready to send a manned crew to the Andromeda. They had no idea what to expect, and so made several alliances.

Salsetthe Republic StoryEdit


The Salsetthe Republic didn't participate in any of the previous wars, but a recent incident might have drawn them into a new one. Following the Grox's return to their universe, some territorial conflicts began between the two powers, due to the fact that the Salsetthe Republic had started to colonize parts of the Galactic Core while the Grox occupied Universe 66501. They have recently contacted the CSA and the Xhodocto Empire, and select other empires. However, their true intentions in this Cold War are unknown.


Recently, a file was leaked with classified information on the Salsetthe Republic's actions during the Ascension War. The file had sensor logs of various scout ships, and sensor probes that were cleverly cloaked, that observed the actions of various empires that participated in the war, including the Grox, the CSA, the Rambo Nation, and several other empires are mentioned in the file, but their names have not been decrypted yet. Some parts of the files are more heavily encrypted than others, and it is now known that those parts are scans of weapons, however it is unknown what they might be used for, as a weapon, or as a defense.

Conflict with The GroxEdit

During the last few weeks, several border conflicts have erupted between the Grox and the Salsetthe Republic. Also, while a colony near the Galactic Core was being constructed and was not yet cloaked, a Grox fleet attempted to invade the colony. Their lead ship was destroyed by a cloaked Tricobalt mine, and several more of them were disabled or destroyed by similar mines. As the crippled Grox fleet attempted to retreat, a group of ten Salsetthe ships came and destroyed the remainder of them. This conflict could be the start of a war between the Grox and the Salsetthe Republic. The tensions have risen even further over the last few Earth days, as the Grox attempted to gain control of another colony that was being constructed, and the again, failed to do any damage to the colony, and the invading fleet was quickly destroyed by Salsetthe ships. As of Earth date April 28th 2409, the Salsetthe Republic has officially declared war on The Grox, and further fortifications are already being made to the existing Salsetthe colonies near Milky Way Galaxy's Galactic Core.

Sylit Republic StoryEdit


The Sylit Republic hasn't participated in any of the past wars, but are hoping to help the Allies if war breaks out again.

Learning of the War of the AgesEdit

The Sylit Republic is an empire located in the Ramvelkys Galaxy (it's in the universe that isn't Universe 66501). The Sylits recently became intergalactic, and they met the DCP. The Sylits quickly allied with many of the nations in the War of Ages, like the DCP, DSB, CSA, and Rambo Nation. They joined the Seven Starr Alliance and established themselves in the Universal community. The DCP and CSA told the Sylit Republic of the War of the Ages, and the Sylits promised to help if the Xhodocto ever attacked again, thus adding them to the the Cold War, and the War of the Ages.

War StatusEdit

  • The Xhodocto are healing the Actual Universe as a friendly course of action.
  • Deathmarch Cruiser is attacked by Imperialea cruisers resulting in the Destructor's Destruction.
  • Rambo Nation started to take serious course of action in order to solve this incident or a new war could be in the grasp.
  • The DCP returned to Milky Way Galaxy and Tigris Galaxy, expanding their domain and facing rivalry with the also growing Grox Empire.
  • A new weapon, the Soul Harvester has been made by the Xhodocto. The Rambo Nation are now under threat of this being used on them, though it is unlikely that it will be used upon them, risking the breaking of the truce they called.
  • The Capricorn Sector Alliance is battling the Trucinex ,improving diplomatic relations with empires all over the universe and helping their allies that were damaged by the Ascension War.

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