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The Wranploer Legion
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Tier levelHigh Tier 3
ClassClass 32
Kardashev ScaleType II
SizeGalactic (986,500 colonies)
LocationBorealis Galaxy
Notable forSize, thieving
Governing body
Main leadersGeneral Volim
PolicyTake whatever we want from anyone.
Founding membersWranploers
First ruler(s)General Volim
Final rulerGeneral Volim

This galaxy belongs to us! We can be defeated by no one! Fear the mighty of the Legion!

- Captain Torrent

The Wranploer Legion was an empire of cruel thieves who caused terror across the Borealis Galaxy. They were the main superpower of the region known as "Arm of Wildness", until they were secretly reformed into the Borealis Consortium Network.



The Wranploer Legion was created almost 2 thousand years ago, by the young Wranploer General Volim Thravra, after he had reformed the former Wranploer Empire into the Legion with the enslavement and indoctrination of other similar-minded races. General Volim planned the Legion to become the masters of Borealis via a galaxy-wide war known as the First Borealis Galactic War, where the Legion caused massive chaos while scavenging from the remains of their fallen enemies.

However, a force known as the "Polar Crystal Alliance", led by the Zoles Imperium, waged a campaign against the Wranploer Legion, defeating it and denying it from its plan of dominating the galaxy. However, the Legion grew in technology in this war, making it a galactic superpower in the following centuries.

First Wranploer WarEdit

Battle of Kivarob

Legion troops fighting against the ULE

The first conflict of the Legion in the recent years was the First Wranploer War, where Lino bribed the Wranploer into attacking the United Lanat Empire. Seeing the ULE was much more powerful than them, the Legion employed help from the Seagon, which gave them a technological advantage.

Wranploer vs Sneaky

Legion troopes being ambushed by Loron Sneekaz

However, the ULE got their own allies in the Niaka Special Forces, who knew the weakspots of the Legion and Seagons due to their experience. The war eventually ended in a truce after General Volim gave Lino's location to the ULE. Both empires agreed to leave each other alone, at least for now.

Clash of the CrimelordsEdit

The Wranploer eventually met and had an 8 day long war against the Zaarkhun Consortium. The war, however, ended with the two factios merging into one, the Borealis Consortium Network.




General Volim1

I am your worst fear. All are pawns under my claws!

  • Name - General Volim Thrava
  • Species - Wranploer
  • Position - Emperor

General Volim is the founder of the Wranploer Legion and the most feared figure of the entire Borealis Galaxy. An almost prehistoric individual in Wranploer terms, General Volim vows to dominate Borealis under Wranploer rule one day, having fought against his arch-enemies, the Zoles, for almost two millenia. A criminal mastermind and an extremely powerful fighter, Volim is not to be understimated.

Captain Torrent

A galaxy's worth of riches awaits!

  • Name - Torrent
  • Species - Kvargo
  • Position - Supreme Commander

Captain Torrent is the last living Kvargo and the most influential of General Volim's soldiers. Since his people were killed off by the Imperium, Torrent stayed in seclusion, where he trained into becoming the most fierce mercenary of the galaxy. He wanted revenge against the Imperium, but couldn't do much alone. He was eventually saved by General Volim from certain death in the hands of the Niaka, and joined the Wranploer Legion as a very high ranking commander. During this attack, Torrent lost his right arm, which was later replaced with cybernetics.


Shut your mouth before I do it myself.

  • Name - Skhánaróton -01
  • Species - Zí-Jittorám
  • Position - Supreme Commander

Skhánaróton -01 is the Supreme Commander of the Zí-Jittorám and a notable commander of the Legion. He was born on Aí-khanór 6 around 300 years ago, a desolate planet with a ruling anarchy, notable for having many "do or die" laws. It is said that the entirety of his family was killed by the anarchist rule and therefore he was inducted into the government as a trained war machine at the age of 9 when that happend. This anarchy, however, entered a state of disarray for about 600 years, and a group numbered around 1000 at the time began to restructure itself. He was then promoted to be the Supreme Commander of the Zí-Jittorám Empire Armies by age 56, catching the attention of General Volim, who made him one of his highest ranking commanders.

Kryptkor Talsar

How cold of me...

Kryptkor Talsar is the leader of the Borealis Zazane and a former member of the Legion. Kryptkor is the son of the previous Borealis Zazane leader, who raised him as a thief like all other Borealis Zazanes. However, Kryptkor never liked this lifestyle, seeing it as a waste of his species' potential. When the Brood of War was formed and gave the Borealis Zazane a chance of being members, Kryptkor convinced his people that living in the Brood would be better, organizing a civil war inside the Wranploer Legion, ending in 2/3 of the Borealis Zazane fleeing Legion territory to join the Brood.



Green faceOh, hello.


Yellow faceWhat do we have here?


Red faceConquer! Pillage! Steal!



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