History Edit

The Xezsi (Zez-I) imperium is an extinct empire and race of a omnipotent people who helped shape the history of the Ouro Galaxy, which is also their origin galaxy. They were destroyed almost 1 billion years prior to present day. The reason of their destruction were their own creations, a army of Androids and robots designed for war. They became sentient and tired of their masters, they waged war against the Xezsi, creating bio-weaponry to use against them. The sick plague created by the Androids was designed to infect the Xezsi and kill them, thereafter reanimating the bodies to spread the plague and kill more Xezsi. It was devastatingly effective. After 14 earth days, the plague had spread to the furthest reaches of the empire and more than 3/4 of the Xezsi people were either dead, or in this "Zombie"-like state. After that point, the Xezsi government concluded to end the plague by killing all life in the Ouro Galaxy. They used intense radiation beams to sweep over the entire galaxy, killing all life other than un-infectable life (Like plants and small life like germs). When the beam finally reached Xezsi territory, certain selfish government officials tried to save themselves by leaving the galaxy. They succeeded. Only 9 Xezsi remained onboard the emperor's private cruiser. They recorded their last moments and thoughts before killing themselves, as to stop the grief paining them from watching their galaxy die from the window of the small room they were trapped in. The ship was found on the outskirts of the Milky Way after 1 billion years of drifting deep space. It was discovered by the Universal Union of the Wolf, who found the skeletal bodies of the Xezsi inside the room they were trapped in during the last moments of their galaxy. They also found the recordings and Xezsi DNA particle tubes scattered on the floor. After 3 years, the UUW managed to translate the Xezsi language. After 250,000,000 years after the initial incident 1 billion years ago, the automated drones of the Xezsi took the DNA particles from Xezsi safeworlds in the Ouro Galaxy, cloning them and re-seeding life in the galaxy.

Recording 1

-Static- -A long winded sigh is heard along with a females sobbing in the backround-. "Hello. I am Reeton. These are our last moments, so we decided to record this so future inhabitants of the Ouro Galaxy may learn from our mistakes." "We have failed our people. They trusted us, and our own creations killed them. Killed us." -Another sigh is heard, the speaker breathes in deeply before continuing-. "I would like to put emphasis on our failure, and that is should never have to be repeated in the history of the universe." "I am leaving the firing code for the beam installation within this recording, with hope you never need it."

Recent News Edit

As of Tero 28th, 2227 (UUW standard time), They were able to clone 8 out of the 9 Xezsi onboard that derelict ship. The UUW scientists have concluded that there was no way to save the Xezsi memories, so the Xezsi will have basic knowledge of their lives and themselves, but not remember anything of their demise or events surrounding it. As of Zeno 10th, 2227, 3 of the 8 Xezsi have woken from their initial coma the cloning process causes. They spoke with the Union and decided they wished to return to the Ouro Galaxy. They wish to start their empire a new. The UUW scientists and president decided it was possible and geneticly modified the 3's DNA structure that was being used for cloning. They then created 5 whole new batches of clones from that, with their own lives and looks and names. After the other 5 originals woke, they were off, the returned to their old galaxy, admiring the life all over. They began forging a great empire and society on their old homeplanet. The tech scattered all around along with the schematics to Anti-matter generators and Dyson Rings among other things was enough to get them back on track. They call themselves, the UFXP.