Shouldn't Psionic Energy be in Light, as it was made to fight against Chaotic Energies?--TaldarPic Technobliterator TC 17:43, January 12, 2011 (UTC)

Hmm... maybe. However, the classification of the Energies isn't based on what they were created for, and Psionic always seemed beyond good and evil in itself to me (although it has typically been used against evil). One problem is that there isn't much information on Psionic powers. Then again, it seems that mind melds are the most common sort of psionic power, much like how mental manipulation is one of the main offensive powers of Celestial Energy. GirdoPic Ghelae - (talk) 17:57, January 12, 2011 (UTC)

I'll finish the psionic energy pages, it urges. I don't have enough time as I though to contribute here... but I'll try to classify the P.E.:

The psionic energy/psychic energy (in Sporewiki) is a natural defense of the Multiverse to counter the chaotic energies. As you know and as mentioned in some war pages of the Xhodocto, when they woke up in this time line they figured that the Universe was far more advanced than before. The Universe, being hammered by foreign energies in bad and good ways, was forced to create their own independent defenses against such. The P.E. is one of the most powerful of all these to emerge.

The Psionic energy IS an elemental energy because it exists and can only grow in a natural way, even though it was created to defeat the purpose of the Arya'Shikua or the chaotic energies as such.

Veo Val (Mind Heist) 05:57, January 16, 2011 (UTC)

Question about EssenceEdit

Is it possible for a normal being (no notable essence powers, unable to control Essence) to learn to use Essence without the training of a Sage or being that is capable of harnessing the Essence to gain abilities like Telekenisis or Telepathy? If so, what is requred for this to happen, and what is the process. If not, are there any other ways that such an event could happen to a normal being?

User:The Kaernk 01:42, August 5th, 2015 (UTC)

Most, if not all, sapient natives of the First Gigaquadrant are capable of using Elemental energy and can learn to harness it by themselves through self-training, although the process is much easier when assisted by others that are proficient with Essence already. The processes in order to attain such powers varies culturally, socially, physiologically and psychologically, etc., although much of it involves balancing one's stronger and weaker emotions with one another and generally being in control of their own actions. Otherwise, the means to attain Essence are very diverse. TheHachi (talk 00:49, August 5, 2015 (UTC)

Artificial Life and EssenceEdit

Is it possible, in any way, for artificial life (robots) to have true consciousness? This page seems to be the only place to ask such a strange question about consciousness. I mean that; is there even the slightest chance that a great concentration of essence and thought (perhaps "transfered" from sentient organics?) could give an android true life and thought? Considering the fact that androids are not much different than organics; they are simply creatures with a different biochemisty. A being that uses electricity instead of ATP and has bones made of iridium instead of calcium, for example. A creature made of metal instead of flesh.

I ask this in regards to the Kliaak species. They are a very lifelike race and the ability to be sentient would offer some interesting traits regarding their past, present, and future. Even if it is just one individual, would it be possible? They are rather unique, and may possibly be the only fully-robotic society in the First Gigaquadrant at this time (to my own knowledge). Their creators, the Primogenitors, cared dearly about them and were very strong with thought and consciousness. Basically, are robots capable of being truly alive under any circumstance at all?

User:The Kaernk 03:35, January 3rd, 2015 (UTC)

We've never treated AI in-universe as being any different from living intelligences in regards to consciousness, e.g. the AI Netspace. And while calling machines like those that exist on 21st-century Earth "alive with a different biochemistry" is quite a stretch, that's less so for the self-replicating nanotechnology employed by many 29th-century powers, which really can perform all of the functions that define a living being.
Looking at the Essence page itself, it does mention "synthetic minds". That was probably written by me but I don't remember. :P But since it isn't mentioned otherwise, it's reasonable to assume that yes, robot minds are just as capable of qualia as humans are. GirdoPic Ghelae - (talk) 10:34, January 3, 2016 (UTC)

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