Spore figurines

Spore players are able to, for a fee, have their computer-created creatures made into real-world figurines. A variety of figurines based on the developers' creatures was displayed at E3; the Joystiq team posted photos of these to their website. Some time later, the team received a figurine of a creature they designed at E3 in the mail. Think about the possibilities!

Other testers also received their personal creatures by mail.[1]

3D Printer Service Edit

Only creatures can be printed, and fragile parts (such as eyestalks) are not allowed.

Notes Edit

  • This service has been discontinued, it would seem
  • Creatures made using this service seemed to have been made of Sandstone, a common material for 3D Printers, and most likely the reason fragile parts could not have been made, due to the material's brittle nature. If this service were to re-open, they would most likely use tough, somewhat flexible plastic to make creatures, allowing them to have previously unavailable parts attached.

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