Space Stage Unlocked

Flurry planets are considered as one of the most common types of planets in the Spore galaxy. They essentially combine the characteristics of both the Rocky Planet and the Ice Planet but with slightly lower atmosphere and lower temperature. The terrain typically features various shades of gray, and there are no water or ice. They are found almost everywhere in Spore but can only be found orbiting beyond the Goldilocks Zone, and are more common than Ice Planets. Like all T0 planets, they can support only a City Hall, and will have to be terra-formed in order to mine Spice. Flurry planets are generally the most difficult types of planets to terraform since the terra-dot is usually located at the lowest possible T0 zone at the bottom left corner of the Ecosystem map.

Anti-Matter Bombs can cause more damage and larger craters on Flurry planets.

Spore 2008-11-22 08-38-19

Flurry Planet

Spore 2013-12-28 20-25-15

The difference in size between an Anti-Matter Bomb detonated on a Flurry Planet (LEFT), and a Anti-Matter Bomb detonated on a T3 planet (RIGHT). The Planet was terraformed to show the size difference on the same planet.

Hazards Edit

Threats Minor Damage Medium Damage Major Damage
Meteor Showers X O O
Ice Geysers O X X

An Ice Geyser

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