Food is the resource that makes your cell grow in the Cell Stage, keeps your creature alive in the Creature Stage, and is used as currency in the Tribal Stage. It is not present and is not used in the Civilization and Space Stages, aside from glitches. In the Tribal Stage, food is used to purchase new tools (through tool huts), acquire new tribe members, as well as domesticate wild animals and gifting other tribes to increase relations. In the space stage, a bard empire would sometimes say "are you food?" once it has reached the space stage.

Cell Meat

Meat in Cell Stage

Gaining food Edit

On Cell Stage there are 3 kinds of food, meat chunks found lying around or appearing after you kill a creature, plants which appear as either small, medium or large sized plants and blood which can only be eaten with a Proboscis, and Maa`s eggs could also be considered food, but these only appear on the 2 last levels of Cell stage.

Food is found in two varieties in the Creature Stage, meat and fruit. Meat is acquired by clicking on the dead body of a slain creature, and can be consumed by Carnivores or Omnivores. Fruit is found growing on most small and medium plants, and can be picked by clicking on a fruit-bearing plant. Some fruits may need arms to reach, and some higher ones may require the throwing of a stone or stick to reach. Fruit may be consumed by Herbivores and Omnivores.

In the Tribal Stage, food sources can also be found in eggs and fish/seaweed. Eggs are acquired by domesticating animals, and will appear in the 'egg box' on the edge of the pet pen. Fish and seaweed are acquired by fishing at a designated fishing spot along the coast. Herbivores will acquire seaweed, while Omnivores and Carnivores acquire fish.

Food can be hunted from plants, animals, or by fishing. To harvest plants, your species must have an herbivorous/omnivorous mouth. Click on a tree with one of your tribe members, and the tribe member will harvest the fruit around the plant you clicked. If you use a member with a gathering stick or your chieftain, then it will hit the tree and the tree will drop its fruit. This causes more food to be gained from that tree.

There are several tools which make the acquisition of food easier. The first is the various weaponry available to a tribe, but particularly Stone Axes and Throwing Spears. These two weapons deal decent damage to creatures, and while Stone Axes do more damage, Throwing Spears can, as the name suggests, be thrown, making hunting creatures easier. Fruit can be acquired easier by the use of a Cane, which the tribesman uses to smash fruit out of a tree, allowing them to pick up larger amounts of fruit in each handful, by picking them up off of the ground. Lastly, there is the Fishing Spear, a non-weapon spear that allows tribe members to catch more fish (this is presumed to be accurate, as the author of this edit has noticed no change in animation time for fishing with or without a spear) in one go. This spear works in a similar way to the Gathering Cane in that it allows food to be gathered in larger quantities over a period of time, as opposed to making the animation faster.

Lastly, the outfit of a tribe member can increase the amount of carrying space they have. At the basic level, a creature can carry five portions of food. There are several clothing pieces available that increase this carrying capacity, up to a maximum of 10 pieces per trip.

Apart from hunting normal animals, epic creatures could be killed for similarly large amounts of food - usually between 100 and 300 units. This is a very dangerous technique, yet the rewards might be worth it. Once the epic creature is dead, the whole tribe should be sent to harvest food from its corpse, as it will often decompose before being exhausted. Instead of slaying it traditionally, a good idea might be to become opportunistic, and wait until an epic creature attacks another tribe, and the tribe manages to nearly kill it. Then all the tribe members should be sent to administer coup de grace and forage food from its corpse. Yet another way to kill an epic, which is considered a cheat by some, is to use the Traps consequence trait. A trap will 1-hit-KO any creature, including an epic. Obviously, herbivores cannot collect food from epic creatures.

Stealing Food Edit

Stealing food is a new way of acquiring food introduced in the Tribal Stage. Unlike the other methods, this does not involve harvesting food from its main source, instead it involves stealing already harvested food from a tribe's food stock. To do this, change the tribe members into the 'attack' setting, and then click on the target tribe's food pile when a 'bandit-mask' icon appears. Tribe members will then take food from the other tribe's food pile and bring it back. The food will not appear in a common plate, instead it comes hidden in what looks like a bag of money. Note that stealing has a negative impact on tribal relations, as well as provoking an attack from any members of the target tribe who witnessed the food being stolen. As such, it is safest to steal food when all enemy tribesmen have already been killed, all but guaranteeing a safe return. The "Mission Impossible" theme will play when the camera is near a tribes member holding a bag of stolen food.

Gifts Edit

In the Tribal Stage, food can also be acquired through gifts; allied tribes will, from time to time, present to your tribe a gift of 15 food, presumably either as tribute or as a diplomatic gift (similar to the kind you may send to other tribes). A group of three tribe members (one to carry the basket, and two companions) will travel to your tribe's encampment, dancing and throwing flowers along the way. Upon reaching their destination, the basket is placed near the player's tribe's food store, and a tribesman will pick it up and put it in the food store. Festive music plays throughout.

It should be noted that food can be gifted to other tribes in the same way, however this section details gaining food through gifts and not gifting other tribes.

Other games Edit

Spore Hero Arena Edit

On Spore Hero Arena, food is the way you gain health. Sources of food are limited to Spore creatures with certain mouths (which denotes a specific diet), unless you are an omnivore, which allows you to eat any type of food (though you won't gain as much health from it).

There are two different ways to get food on Spore Hero Arena: attacking bugs or punching fruit plants.

It is recommended that herbivores punch fruit plants to obtain food; likewise, carnivores should attack bugs as a food source. Otherwise, one runs the potential of spitting out what they consume.

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