The Galzars evolved from a microbe that had one eye, one flagellum and filter fed. The microbe later evolved two more flagella, cilia and another eye. The species then grew large enough to become a Noogie and then they first crawled out of water and started to evolve into the Galzar figures. The Tribal Galzars have skills of Foraging, Fishing, Hunting, and Dancing. The cities of the Galzars built numerous machines including a boat and a tank. When the UFO was built the Galzars terraformed Galta into a habitable world.

Tribe Edit

The Galzars are one of the only creatures that have been seen to spend a lot of time in the tribal stage. They are shown hunting and fighting another tribe to name a few.

The Galzar like Noogies. They like to go on long, difficult hunts, listen to music, and ride in boats.