This article lists all games that have some connection to Spore.

Core Game Edit

Core Game Expansions Edit

Other Spore-Related Games Edit

Dungeons of Spore Edit

Dungeons of Spore was an April Fools joke that was supposed to trick people into the thinking a new Spore game was coming out. It was an "old style" ASCII game made by MaxisKate. It has procedurally generated levels, turn based gameplay and Non Playable Characters from the Most Popular New creations list from the Sporepedia.

The fake Spore game was featured in an announcement and was claimed to be coming out in 2011. You could play a "Dungeons of Spore" mini-game, and when you found all the lost items it would say "Happy April Fools Day!". Also, the four Featured Creatures displayed on the profiles were all llamas.

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