Gar' skuther (aka the Infector) is the antagonist of Spore Creatures. He is a very powerful creature, both at combat and at socialization. He has every Bio-Power in the game, having every power at level 4. He can be very challenging to defeat, although there is a Koth nest nearby to help the player. Being the most intelligent creature in the Spore universe, he can create UFOs and many other technological advances that other creatures would never be able to produce.

Appearance Edit

Gar' Skuther is a small creature resembling a disembodied cycloptic head. He has two vestigial arms, a single large eye, and an elastic, tentacle-like mouth. His skin is black in color, but it is tinged greenish-blue by the glass dome he is contained in. The only part of his body that is exposed is his mouth, for the purpose of combat and feeding.

Due to his inability to survive in warmer environments, he normally has to wear a robotic protection suit, making him appear to be much larger than he actually is. The suit itself is a fluid-filled canister with a glass dome and an antenna on top. The metallic lower portion of the suit bears a pair of mechanical arms with bladed fingers used in manipulation. To allow him to walk, three organic tentacles protrude from underneath the suit. These tentacles, despite being biological, are not part of Gar' Skuther's body.

All infected creatures will gain tentacles similar to Gar' skuther's.

Part in the Story Edit

Gar' skuther Defeated

Gar' skuther defeated.

Gar' skuther is an evil alien who is planning to conquer the Spore Galaxy by turning all the planets into frozen wastelands and using the inhabitants in evil experiments. He is usally seen in his UFO, abducting other creatures to use in his experiments. He is first seen trying to abduct Oogie and Little Oogie when they are trying to reach the beach. After some time, Gar' skuther manages to abduct Little Oogie and flies away, and Oogie starts a quest to find UFO pieces to create a new UFO, find starmaps and find Gar' skuther and Little Oogie.

At one point in the game, Gar' skuther reveals what exactly he does with the creatures he abducts, and the cure for Little Oogie's sickness. While venturing on Pangu, Oogie meets Gar' skuther for the first time. Upon meeting him, Gar' skuther dubs Oogie as a curious creature. Not seeing any hostility in Oogie, he speaks of the experiments he does with native inhabitants. Using his infection, he combines two creatures to make one, usually more powerful creature.

After venturing through many planets, Oogie finally finds Gar' skuther's Lair. The player then must defeat Gar' skuther in battle or in dance. After being defeated, Gar' skuther's arms will explode, and every infected creature and planet will return to normal, and the evil experiments of his will vanish in a clould of sparkles.

Trivia Edit

  • Gar' skuther is probably Spore Creatures' equivalent to Spore's Grox Empire, since both have mechanical parts, are malevolent creatures and can only live in extreme environments.
  • Unlike the Grox's parts, Spore Creatures' mechanical parts can be normally used. They can be earned by defeating Gar' skuther or by buying them with Badge Points.
  • Gar' skuther has 90 Social points, even though the Gar' Skuther Eye part has 100.
  • Gar' skuther also has 160 attack points and Leaf Flurry, but none of his parts give these abilities.
  • His name is mentioned in text by your creature before you encounter him.
  • A good way of beating Gar' skuther in dance is to buy the auto dance cheat. Then you will automatically out-dance him.
  • The Gar' skuther tentacle that appears on infected creatures is available as a detail part, however it does not appear normally and can only be unlocked through Action Replay, it is named "placeholder" and does not do anything, it also does not appear on your creature in-game, but it does in the editor.
  • Gar' Skuther seems neutral on the second planet. On the last planet, he suddenly turns hostile. This may be because your character throws something at his spaceship on Pangu, but is probably more likely that he has figured out that you are out to stop him from infecting the galaxy.
  • Gar'Skuther loves the cold weather, using machines to change the climate to his liking (see Terraforming).