A image of ingame activity

Gaslight is a prototype program created by EA for the Spore game that simulates a process called stochastic, self-propagating star formation (SSPSF.)

In this model of star formation, interstellar gas and dust particles begin to collapse under their own gravitational influence. This gives rise to regions of dense material that in turn will collapse more rapidly, causing particles to heat up as they shed gravitational potential energy. Eventually these dust and gas 'pockets' become so dense and hot that nuclear processes ignite the matter in the centre of the proto-star, giving rise to a new star as fusion begins.

When stars ignite the resulting 'stellar wind' of charged particles and heat energy pushes the remaining local dust and gas clouds away, causing further regions of dense matter distribution in turn giving rise to a further wave of star formation.

This prototype can be downloaded from the Spore Website.

Spore Prototypes Edit

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