Gathering Rod

A Zavvaku whacks a tree with a gathering rod to obtain its fruit

The Gathering Rod is a tool used in the Tribal Stage that helps Tribal Members gather more food if the tribe is Omnivorous or Herbivorous.

Design Edit

Gathering rods are ornate long wooden sticks which end in what seems to be a cloth or perhaps leather wrap at one end. This wrap is presumably filled with some form of soft stuffing, to avoid bruising the fruit as it is swung at the branches, although what this stuffing could be made out of is not known. The rod itself is covered in bands of color, which may either be colored strips of the wood itself or further cloth/leather strips that have been dyed in some fashion.

Role Edit

Gathering rods are simply used to gather Food more efficiently in the Tribal Stage (gathers more food at a quicker rate). They can be added to the tribe if paid for, in the same way other equipment can be added.

Properties Edit

The Gathering Rods in Tribal Planner cost 20-25 Food and is an item the Chieftain cannot equip. Gathering Rods do not help in combat or give any other bonuses other than the ability to gather food more efficiently. When a tribal member is using it, he will bash a bush with it, and all the fruit will fall from it.

Trivia Edit

  • Gathering rods are similar in design to an actual technology still used by some today (although they are more advanced in the current era on Earth). You can read how one can be built by clicking this link.

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