The Giant Jellyfish is the giant of level 30 in Spore Origins, along with a giant cell. If the player touches the Giant Jellyfish, they will get poisoned. The Giant Jellyfish can be defeated by using shield power-up beneath it. After this is done, one of the tentacles of the jellyfish will latch onto the player. If the player swims away from the jellyfish, the tentacle will rip off. After this is done a couple of times with the same shield, the shield will vanish. The player must find the other shields hidden in the level to keep ripping the tentacles. After all of the tentacles are torn off, the little edible bubbles (which the tutorial of defeating it refers them to be "eggs") will all float out of the jellyfish. The player should eat (the same tutorial refers to "stealing") the bubbles. The jellyfish will still be alive swimming around, although it was "defeated". Defeating it allows the player to pass the level, which after that, the game will indicate about Spore Creatures (which had yet to be released), saying it's "Coming to a planet near you".

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