A Gift is an offering that is used to improve relationship with another tribe, nation, or empire. To give a gift in the Tribal Stage, simply click on another tribe's food pile in the social stance. You must have at least 10 food to offer another tribe a gift. If you wait too long to impress the tribe it will go back to an orange unhappy face. In the Civilization and Space Stages, you must contact the empire and give them a gift personally. Giving gifts can improve relationship from only a small amount (+10) to as much as 50 more relation points. Giving a Bribe to another empire counts as giving a Gift (in this case, from Sporebucks).


Getting a gift from an ally tribe.

Gift Process Edit

This action is also similar to the "Flowers" in Creepy & Cute emote/action in the Test Drive feature, which is also done by the creatures that follow the Chieftain during the process of giving a gift. What happens during gift giving is that you lose 10 food, your chieftain makes a gift basket, dances and carries it to the selected tribe's food table while a few selected members follow the chieftain throwing flowers (to be socially friendly and try to act in a good way) and the Chieftain will put the gift basket down (it will be meat if your species is a carnivore, or will be fruit if your species is a herbivore, or a mix if your species is an omnivore), and cause the receiving tribe's relationship with the player to go up by 10. This action can only be done if they are angry or have a sad, unhappy face. If they have a yellow face, it might also work. Only do this if you want a friendly tribe or want to be social.


Giving a gift.

Trivia Edit

  • Gifts were originally depicted as generic wrapped gift boxes, but were quickly changed to baskets containing food. The gift box sprite is available as a holdable item in Galactic Adventures.

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