A Glob-lod is an amphibious creature native to Pengu. They have a rivalry with the Bubleebu, since the Glob-lods keep on stealing the Bubleebu's food supply.

Physiology Edit

A Glob-lod has three legs and two arms. It also has three plates on it's head. Their skin color is green and white. They have red, intimidating eyes.

Behavior Edit

Glob-lods will usually raid the Bubleebu's food supplies. The Bubleebu will defend their food by throwing rocks at the Glob-Lods. They live on an island off the coast of the mainland, but when Oogie accidentally knocked down the Bubleebu's wall, the Glob-lods raided the Bubleebu's nest, growing Gar' skuther's tentacle disease, since the invading Glob-lods were infected. Glob-lods also attack rapidly at times, and are also afraid of boulders despite their apparent toughness.