Warrior goliath

Goliath, the Energy Guardian, Cyber Sentinel from Infinity.

Goliath Darkspore2

Original version of Goliath.

Confronting his hunters in open combat, Goliath obliterated them all.

Goliath the Energy Guardian is a Cyber Sentinel from Darkspore. He comes from the planet Infinity, and seems to be partially made of parts from the Spore Bot Parts Pack. Unlike most Sentinels, which fight using only their bare hands, Goliath uses a weapon called the Protonic Sword, which he uses to defend refugees and exiles.

Revelation Edit

Goliath was first seen when Darkspore was first demonstrated at GamesCom. He underwent some changes before being revealed on the Darkspore website.

Lore Edit

Following the planet’s ecological doomsday, society collapsed on Infinity. Of the few who survived, criminals and those merely accused of crimes became outcasts or escapees. Bounty hunters, zealots and mobs mercilessly hunted them across the wastelands. But when those hunted were innocent, they sought a hero to defend them: Goliath, the Energy Guardian.

According to legend, Goliath rose from one of Infinity’s ancient technomartial orders. But Goliath had no lineage: no master, no elite ancestors, no one to protect him when he himself had been a fugitive fleeing across the poisoned wastelands.

No one except for Crogenitor Suzu.

Finding Goliath burned half to death in a toxic swamp, Suzu genetically altered him for resistance to his world’s lethal ecology, fusing what remained of his body with a hyperkinetic exoskeleton. But Suzu’s greatest gift was the Electro Sword, a devastating weapon capable of cutting through any substance.

Rising from Suzu’s laboratory, Goliath confronted his hunters in open combat, obliterating them all.

Thereafter, Goliath pledged to defend all fugitives and exiles, sometimes holding off or defeating hundreds of attackers without any ally but his invincible weapon.

Honorable, brave, and compassionate, Goliath is a symbol of hope for all who crave justice.

Abilities Edit

Abilities energyslash
Energy Slash (Basic Ability - Energy-based Close-range Attack)

Devastates a target with his energy sword, reducing their regenerative abilities.

Abilities arcweld
Arc Weld (Squad Ability - Multi-target Energy Attack)

Jolts an enemy with a crackling bolt of electricity that arcs to nearby foes.

Abilities cauterize
Cauterize (Energy-based Close-range Attack/Stun)

Swings his energy sword in a cleaving attack that brutally stuns all affected foes.

Abilities disrupt
Disrupt (Innate Passive Ability - Energy Weaken)

Goliath's weapon continually emits a powerful current that causes all targets that it touches to be vulnerable to future energy attacks.

‘‘Zeta Watt Beam’’ (Alpha Variant Ability - Energy Beam Attack)

Fires a massive and powerful laser through all enemies in its path

Trivia Edit

  • Goliath was the first Sentinel revealed to use a weapon instead of its bare hands - at the time all Sentinels were shown fighting with their fists, but with time more sentinels were revealed, and now it seem that weaponless Sentinels are the rarer type
  • The last fragment of Goliath's official lore was added by the developers after reading Furby98's breakdown on the various heroes motivations to fight the Darkspore - this likely inspired them to elaborate better the heroes backstories.

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