GonzagoGL is an unnusual spore prototype in which the player is Gonzago, a blue crab-like organism, living in a planet in which the inhabitants are simple polygons and an atmosphere is not present. Gridlines allowed the creation of this world, and in theory, allows for an exodus to move from nest to nest, not being an organized event in your creature's evolution.

Gonzago's anatomy Edit

Gonzago's body is of interest, but what intrigues people most is these two facts that don't add up:

  1. Maxis says Gonzago was the final idea of spore, and their final creature-stage prototype.
  2. Gonzago has four legs, but they stay inactive, so Gonzago slides completly still.

No known theories circulate through the internet, and theories that do exist seem to elude most. Gonzago also shows no present attacks, and even some sort of bite is unclear.

Maxis's tweaks to their final idea Edit

When Gonzago was developed, the player's creature could do sentient jobs, like flocking animals and building nests. However, their final product showed little resemblance to Gonzago. Animals,were transparent polygons built out of pixels and lines, and the types of polygons were:

  • Fast plate-shapes with solid sides
  • Medium-standard triangular pyramids with varying colors such as yellow and orange
  • Two unknown triangles that will follow, but also never attack. They also had cartoon-style eyes.

Epic creatures also never appeared in Gonzago. Also, the freecam trait of the prototype was taken out of the final product, and Gonzago's eye-view can only now be achieved in Spore Galactic Adventures when freecam is entered into the cheat menu.

Gonzago's connections to Aquatic Stage Edit

In the download folder dealing with Gonzago's data, is supposedly a an wrongly-marked folder that was supposed to be named "underwater", which was filled with art, concepts, and possibly video, boasting the subject of an Aquatic Stage. Marked in the folder were rare fish and mystery fish. Gonzago may also have The Legend of Zelda references: "Gonzago" sounds a little like "Ganondorf", the same shades of color are used, and animals are similar in shape to creatures in the first Legend of Zelda game.