182730-gozango lg

An in-game image of the prototype.

GonzagoGL is one of EA's prototypes for Spore.

It was a prototype for the Creature stage.

It simulates an environment with predators, prey, shelter, and vegetation. This prototype features an improved terrain quality and focus on gameplay. There are 9 species in this prototype; yours, two carnivores, and six herbivores. You can level up by mating after eating enough and killing two creatures. There are also scripts for the tribe, city, and civilization stages.

GonzagoGL was the final prototype before Spore.

Description on Website:

"GonzagoGL is an OpenGL-based prototype of the Spore Creature game.

Similar to SPUG, it places the player in an environment with predators, prey, shelter and vegetation. GonzagoGL advances the SPUG model to include higher quality terrain and a greater emphasis on gameplay.

GonzagoGL was the final gameplay prototype developed for Spore."

  • When ever you're attacked, you will hear a "d'oh!" sound, like Homer Simpson (a character in the TV series The Simpsons) makes.

Interestingly, there are models for the Aquatic Stage hidden in the game's folders.

Other Spore Prototypes Edit

Download Edit

  • This prototype can be downloaded at

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