Gork is a Maxis-made omnivore, present in the final game. They have a small, orange body as well as a long, curvy neck. The bone plates on it's small back give it additional health.

Gork is a very simple creature. Although it can consume meat, it mainly prefers fruit due to its low statistics. When fighting, they can only deal a very weak bite using their small teeth. During emergencies, however, the Gork can jump away from battles to escape and prevent death although it can't jump as high as some other creatures.

Gorks are only a little bit better at socializing. Although they lack hands or details such as feathers or leaves, they have been seen performing simple songs as well as simple dances, although they are not too good at both of them. Despite having stronger health, they can be very easy prey and are most likely to be wiped out by stronger, predatory creatures.

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