The Grankor is a creature created by Maxis that features in the Spore video game, with it being added to the Sporepedia through the Spore Galactic Adventures expansion pack and exclusively featuring within the adventure, The Arena of Oorama. The Grankor is described as being from the swamps of a planet known as Mildor and serves as the boss enemy of the adventure's climax, with the creature's defeat being required to complete the adventure.


The Grankor possesses a bipedal stance, with two arms and two legs, and has a Barracutie mouth adorned with Felizard eyes and a pair of Kitty ears, while its body is rather bulbous and ends in a tail, which in turn is equipped with a single Porcupain weapon. Two symmetrical rows consisting of a total of sixteen Keratinhorn parts run across the Grankor's back, ending at the tail and just before the Porcupain weapon, while its shoulders, elbows and thighs are decorated with a total of seven Shellshard accessories on each of its sides. The creature's hands consist of Hookencrook parts while its feet are made of Stubbtoes.

The Grankor's colour consists of a scaly, purple base texture while possessing a red coat texture of patchy, red scales. The only Grankor that is seen throughout the game matches the proportions of an Epic creature and no normal or small equivalents of the creature are seen as the Grankor has been designed by Maxis in the adventure that it features in to always be large. It should be noted that the Grankor possess a similar body build and an identical colouration to the Tuuk, which also feature as minor enemies during the adventure that the Grankor features in, and share many of their parts with one another.


In the first and only appearance of the Grankor in The Arena of Oorama, the Grankor functions as the climactic enemy of the mission and its defeat is required in order for the adventure to be completed. The Grankor is hostile to the player and will attack them at both melee and ranged distances, while also attacking the pillars in the environment around it to prevent the player from ascending them and attempting to ground the player with both itself and the Tuuk that are present during the final battle.

The Grankor is not hostile to the Tuuk and will not attack them, rather ignoring them in favour of the player and the pillars that are set up throughout the arena aside from the smaller central one. When the player is standing upon the central pillar, the Grankor will occupy itself with attacking the much taller structures before eventually approaching the player rather than attempting to attack the player automatically whenever they get close.


The Grankor will use most of its abilities during the battle that it appears in. The Grankor shows a preference for approaching the pillars that fill the map and attacking through its melee attacks rather than attacking with its ranged weaponry, including its Level 4 Bite and Strike, although it also makes use of the abilities granted to it as an Epic creature, including stomping the ground beneath it. The creature will make use of its stomps and its fire breath whenever the player character approaches it, also applying its Level 5 Spit attack if the player is outside of melee range.

While the creature's Sing and Dance abilities are at Level 1, it will never attempt to use these skills during the encounter with it as it is automatically and irredeemably hostile towards the player. The creature's Level 2 Speed often makes it slower than most players and easily outrun, even though it possesses a Level 2 Sprint ability. The Grankor also has a Level 2 Charge ability. As the Grankor is recognized in the Captain category, it has a base energy of 1000 and an Energy Regeneration rate of 10 energy/sec, even though its abilities do not make use of energy whatsoever. The Grankor has no Health Regeneration ability and maintains 104 Base Health.


  • The Grankor's appearance, name and role may have been inspired by the Rancor from the 1983 epic space opera film, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.
  • The Grankor bears a great similarity to the Tuuk creature that also features in the same adventure, sharing many parts, an identical colour scheme and similar body builds, although the Grankor is an overall stronger creature with additional parts of its own, including extra weapons, arms, and a different Mouth.
  • The Grankor might be the evolved version of Tuuk because have a similar appearence and higher stats.

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