Plant flakes are Herbivore food found in the middle of the cell stage. It is obtained by swimming around the tide pool, with some small bits normally floating around in a freelance form. In the higher levels which have green plant flakes, they will grow in pods sized in 1 by itself, 5 10 or 20. Green plant flakes can be eaten with herbivore mouths, and proboscis-using omnivores. Carnivore-mouthed cells, however, cannot digest these plants.

Eating green plant flakes is considerably easier than meat chunks or life-sucking forms of satisfying hunger, because you do not have to kill other cells to obtain this. You can also use your handy proboscis to swallow the green plant flakes, as opposed to meat chunks. Normally, the "group plant flakes" grows in pairs of 1, 5, 10, or 20, and not 2 or 3 like with meat. You also do not have to lead chase to your plant food nearly as much as you do when sucking life, or eating meat.

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