Groob 2

The side view of a Groob.

The Groob were first seen during Siggraph 2007, when the demonstrator loaded this legless, leaf-covered cyclopean omnivore to show off the creature editor. It appeared in the final game as well.

In the video, legs, arms, and small aesthetics were added, as well as its colors changed, but this did not affect the actual species, and therefore the Groob is still considered a legless species, especially considering that the demonstrator did not create the Groob. With so many leaves growing off their back, they may in fact be a partially autotrophic species.

CRE Floroob-076b86e7 sml

The Floroob

Trivia Edit

  • Groob reappears in the final game by the same name
  • A two eyed version of Groob, called Floroob, also appears in the final game.

Links Edit

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