The Grox have a strange anthem. If a player allied to the Grox comes close to one of the Grox's cities, they will hear screeching sounds. If they wait for about 30 seconds, they will hear something hard to describe. It sounds like an opera singer with a deep voice singing a strange song in a weird language.

In fact, some have likened it to the poetry of the Vogons in "The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy", a book which Spore has likened to many times in the game (Ex. The number 42 in the middle of the galaxy in the achievement which you get when you reach the centre of the galaxy.)

Trivia Edit

  • The Grox have a mechanical voice, while the Grox anthem doesn't. A reason has yet to be provided, but one theory suggests that they only talk to alien species with a mechanical voice, to make them appear more dangerous. Another theory is that it is a Grox shouting in pain or some kind of ceremonial chant as metal implants are attached onto it; After all, Grox could not be born with cybernetic body parts and that there is a "Changing Room" in the City Hall, or a very simple explanation is they kidnapped another alien and forced it to sing for them. Another theory is that the Grox only have mech voices when they are cyborg, and it is a sick Grox opera singer without mech parts. (the creepy robot CRA-ha-ha noise might be how the Grox sneeze or cough)

The Grox Anthem

Spore - The Grox Anthem01:26

Spore - The Grox Anthem

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