Voice Edit

The Grox language has been notably popular around the Spore community for its unique dialect and menacing form. One of the obvious features is the robotic tone carried throughout the Grox speeches. An example of that is the frequent jumps of the short phrase "9994", which is a form of HEX code (substitute for Binary code). This is most likely caused by the Grox's robotic extensions, also explaining their constant robotic tone. To some, "9994" sounds like "999 horse" Another interesting feature of their voice are the furious changes in pitch while speaking. The Grox use the D'orca mouth, which when used in the creature editor or placed on a creature besides the Grox, does not produce Grox noises or dialect. So the source of these frequent pitch changes must be produced by the internal anatomy of the Grox. But when listening to the Grox Anthem, the dialect seems to change to a more "softer" tone. Which came to the theory that the Grox language when contacted is different then their language when speaking to one another.

Phrases Edit

The Grox have interesting phrases noticeable in their speeches. Here is a list of examples...


  • "fake ID-fake ID now!"
  • "ein ein procatheda"
  • "ding ding socki"


  • "norbab zepruva"
  • "forbert...forbert"


  • "butt cheeks are nice"
  • "999 horse"/"9994"