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This page consists of various trivial facts about the Grox as a species and an empire.

  • In the Creature Stage and Tribal Stage, a spaceship occasionally will appear and abduct creatures from the player's home planet. Using the spyglass or clicking on the ship will show what ship it is. Also, a crashed alien spaceship can sometimes be found during creature stage, and the wreckage will remain on your planet throughout the game. Sometimes this ship is a Grox ship. If it is a Grox ship it will have a poisonous looking purple cloud floating from it. The cloud has no effect on the avatar, however. Since the Grox show up to look at your planet in the creature stage, it can be assumed that the Grox are a very old empire, considering most games it will still take a billion or more years before reaching Space Stage. This puts the Grox as a very old empire, perhaps even already roaming the galaxy when your creature was still a cell.
  • If you ally with the Grox, go to one of their cities to hear their anthem. The player will hear only static and keening, but if the player waits long enough, the static will disappear and one of the Grox will start singing happily in a deep, strangely not robotic, voice. (see video) This has been likened to the poetry of the Vogons from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • Their notoriety, aggression, and the state of the planets the live on, makes the Grox very similar to the Spaceballs (an aggressive race that ruined their planet), from the film series of the same name.
  • The Grox are believed to be based largely on The Borg from the Star Trek series, in fact their name in the coding (and original name) is Grob, which is Borg backwards, and sometimes when they declare war, they will say "Resistance is futile!", a famous Borg quote.
  • It's probable that the first name Maxis gave to the Grox was Grob. One proof is that if you open the Spore_game.package (files with all contents on the game, found in the "Data" folder) using a special program and go to prop/#02CB089D (where information about the badges are located) there will be two files called "grobally.prop" and "grobdefeat.prop" (notice it's written grob, not grox). Both have information about the "Badge Outta Heck" and "Dance With the Devil" badges which you can acquire by defeating or allying with the Grox.
  • The Grox also reference current human culture when you break an alliance with them, mentioning CD's, lava lamps, and hoodies. Some believe this points to that the Grox are of human origin somehow, although such references are not uncommon anyway.
  • If you end your alliance with the Grox, they will take it a bit harsh, saying that anyone else would love to ally with them, despite the obvious fact that all other alien empires despise them.
  • The number of star systems that The Grox control is 2400, which is 0042 backwards (42). This could mean that The Grox are antithesis to Life, the Universe and Everything.
  • The Grox can be dragged and dropped into the creature editor, provided one can find the PNG, when loaded. Clicking on an asymmetric part instantly turns it symmetric, the parts do not have morph handles and the robot cranium is very glitchy when symmetric, they also can not be saved without a Hack unless the eyes are removed and the cybernetics are taken off.
  • The followers of the Books of Science call them an experiment that has not run its full course. Despite the vagueness, there is seemingly more for the Grox in the future.
  • The Grox often make humorously poor threats and compliments, like "You will not get a holiday card this year!" and "Good work! You are a credit to all slow thinking carbon based lifeforms."
  • When the Grox declare war on you, their message declaring war to you finishes with the words "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!", a reference to the Daleks from the Doctor Who series.
  • If the player is allied with the Grox and uses the hologram scout near one of their cities, if the player looks at a citizen, they will see that the bright red usually seen on them is not in the detail section and, they will see a magenta-maroon color instead. This is the unique empire color of The Grox Empire,and every citizen has this color painted onto them. In space an NPC empire's color is not governed by it's actual color in the editor, and this color is painted onto the bodies of all citizens. This is different for the player's empire, it's color is governed entirely by the color given to it in the editor. This is an explanation as to why playing as the Grox has your color be the same bright red as seen on the Grox individual in the communication screen.
  • When a Grox colony surrenders, the transmission reads "Grox Surrender. Does Not Compute" This is a reference to robots in popular culture doing something outside of their capabilities, or when one actions against their will.
  • The Grox have a unique kind of eye, resembling the Beady Eye with visible eyelids, it has been nick-named "Cute eye" or "Grox eye" (though when pressing "i" over it, its name will be "Eyebissed". Parts very similar to it have been released to players in Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack they are called "Necrye" and "Hubba Hubba". There is also an eye in the Spore Mech Parts Pack called "Blinkojo" that resembles a cross between a Grox's organic eye and Cybernetic eye.
  • When pressing "i" near a cybernetic part of the body, you will see its properties. The parts all have the same name and stats as a normal part from either the Creature Editor or the Space Outfitter.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the cyborg parts are not clothing from the Space Outfitter, but creature parts. However, thanks to hacking, this was proven to be true. This maybe because Maxis tried to make the players not have access to the parts, but you can still have access to them by mods, dropping the Grox image into the creature editor and hacks. However, there is a code in the parts (including the eye) with you can't save a creature with the parts unless you get a mod which forces the game to save it.
  • Occasionally, the Grox in the communication screen will say (in the voice, not the text) "Arb zub zub worb.", which are common alien names/language in pop culture.
  • You cannot trade with the Grox. The button for the trade window is always grayed out, no matter how high your relationship meter is. This is most likely due to the fact that nobody would ever want to trade with them, and they would never want to trade with you, due to their extreme hostility. However, due to a glitch, you can trade with them, but they don't have the "advanced technology" like what the empires said.
  • In the Stones of Force, Warrior empires mention that "Once the technology gap is narrowed, we will prove more than a match for them."(The Grox).
  • The Grox offer high payment for their missions. For example, a regular empire would offer only 75,000 Sporebucks for an eradication mission. The Grox would offer 150,000 Sporebucks. They may offer that much because rarely anyone, if no one, helps them, so they would pay a high price for anyone to helps them.
  • If the Soothing Song ability is used on the Grox, all empires in a close distance will wage a war on your empire, because nearby empires will hate you for dealing with the Grox near their territory, and they would also hate you for making peace with the Grox, even for a limited time, instead of opposing them like every other empire agrees they should.
  • There is a Maxis-made early creature named "Knot The Grawx". It sounds a lot like "Not The Grox" and it looks a lot like a penguin.
  • The name "Grox" was used as a name for a concept creature on SporeWiki as early as in 2006. This is almost certainly a coincidence. Unfortunately, this famous concept creature was deleted.
  • The Grox is also name of cow-like reptile in the board game Warhammer 40000 background.
  • The equivalent of the Grox in Spore Creatures DS is Gar' skuther, despite differences such as Gar' skuther being a singular entity of an unknown species, as opposed the Grox being an empire. Gar' skuther also has cyborg parts, but these parts are in fact normally usable without cheating.
  • If you ally with The Grox and then take an archetype-changing mission from another empire, The Grox will now also have an archetype-changing mission in their mission list. However, they automatically decline, saying only "***".
  • If you manage to get past the outer Grox planets and towards the Galactic Core (probably by using cheats, or by defeating them systematically) it's a good idea to colonize some planets to keep you supplied with weapons and to use as recharge and repair stations.
  • The Grox seem to thrive in the radiation produced by the core, because their colonies have more buildings as you get nearer to the core. On the edges of the Grox Empire, there would be only one colony per planet with only 24 spice per colony per hour. Closer to the center, each planet has 2 colonies generating 72 spice per colony per hour. The colonies closest to the center have the most buildings, with two colonies per planet and 132 spice per colony per hour. Their dependence on radiation may add to their infamous reputation. It may also explain the "toxicity".
  • If you have set up some colonies in the Grox empire while fighting them or after allying, there's a chance of other nearby planet becoming space faring. They are usually T1 planets, so it's a good idea to improve their planets to T3 and use the Monolith to speed up their development, after which you should ally with them. These empires can be useful as trading partners and as repair and recharge stations, and if you're fighting the Grox they can be good backup and war partners, but these empires also have a good chance of being destroyed by the territorial Grox. If you're allied with the Grox, the Grox will sometimes ask for help when destroying these empires (other normal allied empires ALWAYS ask for help, but the Grox do so very rarely, because with their advanced war technology they nearly never need any help, plus the Grox have a huge ego, they're very self centered and regard themselves as wholly superior and think of everyone else as insignificant dirt, so asking for help too often would compromise their vision of their complete independence, and how they regard others as weak and that others cannot do anything right.), and if you don't help it'll decrease your relationship level with them. The empires in the Grox's territory will get destroyed early if you don't help them, and helping them involves fighting the Grox away, with which comes this: One, stopping a Grox invasion is hardly possible, if you don't have the right weapons and ammo you'll be dead before you can take down just a couple of ships, and two, fighting them involves making instant war, then you're doomed. Also, the newly formed empires will probably get destroyed eventually, even if you try to help.
  • The Grox Grumbler bears a striking resemblance to a vehicle on the inside cover of the SPORE disc box.
  • Sometimes an empire will reference the Grox in it's dialogue. When Ecologist or Shaman empires contact you from outside a solar system, they will sometimes say "As long as you are not machine life, we welcome you.", referencing the Grox. Additionally, when a Warrior empire is telling you about their philosophy, they will say that "There is only one empire that we cannot defeat, but you are not them.(The Grox)" or "Now we are the strongest of all empires. All empires but one.". Trader empires may also refer to "telling the Grox on you." when you decline a mission.
  • During your first few missions, you will have to visit a new planet. On this planet a few drones will attack you and say "Grox999",which is the empire's codename for an emergency self defence procedure for a Grox attack. It is noted that the volume of the Grox's speech sometimes will go into a frequency change, and during which the Grox will make a sound that sounds like "nineninenine Grob".(Grox999) This hex code is also the only piece of in-game dialogue that is in the language the player has selected, besides that of Steve.
  • It will be possible to come into physical contact with the Grox in Spore Galactic Adventures. They will beam down with you in adventures if they are riding in one the player's allied ships.
  • In the Dr. Seuss book, "Oh, Say Can Your Say?", there is an animal called a Grox.
  • The Grox's cybernetic implants are asymmetrical, and they appeared in the final game before asymmetry was released to the public.
  • In-game, the Grox's Sporepedia card shows up as a regular creature instead of an empire.
  • Grob, the original name for the Grox and the name they have in the coding, is the German word for "Brutal". This could be where the original name came from.
  • There is an extremely rare glitch that allows the Grox to have a colony on a T-Score 1 planet (or higher), which is odd since the Grox colonies are only allowed on T-Score 0 planets. This glitch can either be helpful or dangerous depending on how you want to deal with the Grox because when you enter the planet with a high T-Score, the colony will get eradicated, even though you didn’t do anything to it. If you are fighting with the Grox, this glitch is helpful. However, if you are either trying to ally with the Grox, allied with them or just trying to explore the Grox Territory, you will start a war with them if you enter the planet. It is not known if this glitch is fixed in the later patches.
  • It is possible to hear the Grox anthem without allying with them, perform a Soothing Song on them (which actually affects them and don’t anger empires nearby) and have the Grox not attack you if you go near their territory.
  • It is debatable on which archetype the Grox follows because their behavior and characteristics don’t fit with the other archetypes available. Another thing, which was never noticed, is that you can’t find any artifacts that have something to do with the Grox (not counting the archetype Rares with you can sell to certain empires). When one tries to speak to the Grox and ask about their ways, they respond with hostilely and ask you to get out. Also, a trick can be done if you ask the Grox and say you want to be like them, they respond with “***” and nothing happens. This could mean that in general, The Grox do not have an archetype at all. They can’t be Wanderers since the religion that Wanderers follow is identical to Diplomats, which obviously the Grox don’t act like them. However, in coding and programming ways, they may have an archetype. Despite this, many fans stated their special archetype known as Groxology. The fact that The Grox have a red glow, may mean that The Grox are knights that are re-coded (Hence the '***' for archetype missions) and remodeled knights. If you become a knight, and go to the Grox, establish a colony nearby, and look at the glow on the Knight, then go to The Grox, this may be true or maybe false, there are mods that give you their archetype, but you do not have any different special ability, as it replaces the knight. There is also a mod which gives you The Grox voice, but more often than not, it is the glitchy trading voice.
  • There is a reference to the Grox on Chuck Norris Facts claiming: "In the game 'Spore', The Grox are a result of Chuck Norris being allowed to create a species, but they had to be weakened to make the game possible."
  • the Grox shares their Hat with Adeptus Mechanicus from Warhammer 40000: both are obsessed with replacing their body parts with bionics and both believes the Flesh is Weak
  • While the exact odds are unknown, the ships that appear in the creature and tribal stages appear to have a higher chance of being Grox spaceships than any other.
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