The Grox Infection Pods are huge pods launched by the Grox in order to conquer worlds. The pod spreads an infection that causes purple fog, water and plants to spread. The pods also create Dronox, Insectrox, Scavengers and Scanflies. These creatures wipe out all life on the planet so the Grox can settle in. The pod itself is a towering purple dome with multiple buttons down its middle. The pod will grow "roots," which will come out of the ground away from the main pod and will start producing the creatures mentioned above. According to Warrior Empires, the pod has to be taken out as soon as it lands. If it is not, it will grow into the planet so much that the only way to get rid of it is with a Planet Buster, however, that also removes the planet.

Trivia Edit

  • The purple-ness of the infection is similar to Gar' skuther's infection.
  • The smoke is also similar to the purple smoke from crashed Grox ships in the Creature Stage.
  • In Infestation, the arms of the Pod are called 'conversion chambers'.
  • In the same adventure, destroying the pod will kill any Dronox remaining on the surface.