The Grox Empire is an advanced civilization with many vehicles. The Grox vehicles can not be used in game, even if they are scanned and in the Sporepedia. However, if you somehow obtain a grox colony, you can go into the editor, make a change, then undo it, and save. You will then have the vehicles available for use anywhwere.(This obviously doesn't work with the space ship).

Grox (Grox Spaceship) Edit

Grox Spaceship from Spore
  • Name: Grox
  • 2,000 HP (offensive), 2,400 HP (defensive 1), 800 HP (defensive 2), 3,600 HP (ally fleet) 400 HP(escort)
  • 150 DPS
  • About 2/3 as fast as the player

Abilities Edit

  • Unlimited Mega Repair Packs.
  • Cloak.
  • High speed auto-blasters.
  • Good navigational abilities, almost never misses shots.

Grox Grumbler Edit

Grox Grumbler
  • Type: Colony Land
  • 390 HP
  • 22 Military Power
  • 17 Speed

Abilities Edit

Groxoplane Edit

  • Type: Colony Air
  • 210 HP
  • 18 Military Power
  • 66 Speed

Abilities Edit

Oceanic Grox Edit

Oceanic Grox
  • Type: Colony Sea
  • 443 HP
  • 38 Military Power
  • 17 Speed

Abilities Edit

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