Darkspore HELIX

The central system of HELIX, as seen in the game.


Helix's Main system alongside the Darkspore Logo as seen on the Darkspore Beta Website

HELIX is the name of a network of AI supercomputer that patrols the Crogenitors' ships in the game Darkspore. HELIX speaks in a soft feminine voice.

Role in the Game Edit

In the beginning of the game, HELIX awakens a Crogenitor from the Cryogenic chamber aboard his ship. HELIX states the probability of the Crogenitor having lost his memory is high, and begins to briefly inform him of all the events that have happened in the past 1,000 years. She begins to explain that the Crogenitors were extreme scientists that studied DNA transfection in order to alter life at their will. Using what they knew of DNA transfection at the time, they turned innocent people from different planets into powerful warriors that eventually came to be known as living weapons. They made 5 exclusive types of DNA, each primarily from the planet they were discovered on. Then one day, A Crogenitor named Zelem discovered exponential DNA, called E-DNA. Using this, they tried to make even more powerful beings. Unfortunately for them, E-DNA proved to be unstable, and everything that had come into contact with it eventually succumbed to horrible series of mutations, and became the Darkspore. In laboratories all over the galaxy, the Darkspore killed everything in their sight. They slaughtered the Crogenitors and all of the living weapons. The Crogenitor's Empire dissipated star by star. 6 surviving Crogenitors were put into cryogenic sleep chambers and were flown to each of the 5 planets of which the DNA types came from. HELIX was activated to accompany and aid these Crogenitors. The very last Crogenitors, the sixth Crogenitor, is revealed the be the player. HELIX then tasks the young alien with the job to use the living weapons that survived to destroy the Darkspore and free the galaxy once again.

Gameplay Tutorial Edit

After HELIX gives her speech, she allows the player to use Blitz and Sage in a hologram testing chamber to simulate a Darkspore threat. This also is where the player learns the basic controls.


  • An easter egg in the game involves HELIX, in which players can actually make her annoyed. Repeatedly pressing an ability while it is not ready will cause her to say "That ability is still not ready." Persisting will cause her to say "Have you heard the expression 'a watched pot never boils?'" or "Has anyone ever told you that patience is a virtue?" Other ways to annoy her and their phrases are listed below:
    • Repeatedly attempting to activate an uncharged overdrive:
      • "Overdrive still. Not. Fully. CHARGED."
    • Attempting to add a catalyst to a full inventory:
      • "Catalyst grid still at capacity.
      • "Your other catalysts aren't going anywhere, you know."
      • "You do know how to drop catalysts... Right?"
    • Attempting to use an ability with insufficient power:
      • "Power still insuficient."
      • "Using abilities, unfortunately, does not provide power."
      • "With great power comes great responsibility, but you have neither"
    • To other things, HELIX will just add a "still" in the middle of. These include:
      • Hero switching not ready
      • Attempting to use an ability that needs a target without a target<youtube> </youtube>