A dead "half epic" creature.

A "Half-Epic" (their real name is unknown) is an odd creature "found" exclusively in the Creature Stage. Very few, if none, of these creatures have been seen alive, the only known legitimate records of these mythical beasts being their very rare corpses. These "Half-Epic" creatures may actually be glitches, or a deliberately programmed, though bugged factor of gameplay.

Their Sporepedia cards state that they have a full health limit of 500, as opposed to a real Epic creature's health of 1,000 (3,000 in the Civilization Stage and Space Stage). Very little is known about these creatures and not many players know about them. They are most commonly found in the earliest creature stage, if the player decides to wander inland.

Abilities Edit

Half-Epic Sporepedia Card

The Sporepedia card for an elusive "Half-Epic".

  • Health: Though usually found dead, their Sporepedia cards state a live "Half-Epic" would have 500 health.
  • Attack power: Unknown, considering none have been seen alive. Presumably the same as a true Epic.
  • Behavior: Neutral.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a very small possibility that these "Half-Epic"s are, in (unproved) fact, the babies of epics (more possible, because baby creatures have half health), or just young epics. Since baby creatures have smaller amounts of health than normal fully grown creatures, this could be a very real possibility.
  • Often times, a player will be alerted that there is a "Half-Epic" in the area due to the sound of an Epic creature dying suddenly playing. Due to the fact that "Half-Epics" are usually only encountered early in the Creature Stage, this suggests that "Half-Epics" are normal Epics, though because they are only intended to be encountered by the player after the first stage of evolution, the animal promptly dies because the system is not programmed to react to the player finding an Epic so early on.
  • There have been highly unsubstantial stories of players encountering living "Half-Epics". None of these reports have been proven, and it is very likely that live "Half-Epics" do not exist.

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