Spore 2010-12-31 16-29-44

A homestar, with its five planets.

The Homestar is the star that your homeworld orbits. It will always be a Yellow Main-Sequence star, and contain five planets: a Hostile Planet (either Lava, Ice, or Rocky, and is most likely to have Yellow Spice); a Spiceless T-1 planet where you find a crashed ship; a Gas Giant of any colour and with no moon; your homeworld; and its moon (a Hostile Planet that is most likely to have Yellow Spice).

While the homeworld is usually in a green (habitable) orbit, it is occasionally in a red or blue orbit, but it will most likely be T-3, but if it isn't, it's most likely due to a bug that doesn't fill up all of the slots for the Ecosystem.

The gas giant is also somewhat like the homeworld, often in a Blue orbit, but it is occasionaly in a red or green orbit.

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