A homeworld and its moon during the Creature Stage.

A Homeworld is the planet a species originates from, and is the centre of Empires. It is always T3 and contains the same amount of wildlife & flora as any other planet (some exceptions are uplifted species who may originally live on a T1 or T2 planet, and of course the Grox whose homeworld is always T0). It has the same number of cities as when you end the Civilization Stage and the most relevant missions begin here. This is the only planet where you will find cells on, since you can play the Cell stage on it. It is also the first planet where you will find Natural Landmarks, crashed UFOs and Meteor Showers.

Cell stage Edit

The player will start the game as a cell in a comet. The comet will crash into the homeworld the player has named, and the player will play this stage as a cell. This is the only point in the whole game in which you will meet Cells. After gaining enough DNA, the player's cell will be able to advance to the creature stage.

Creature stage Edit


Creatures leaving the sea.

The Creature Stage is the second stage of Spore. In this phase, the player's homeworld will have hundreds of creatures on the planet, most grouped around nests. The goal of this stage is to either hunt them to extinction or socialize with them, from which the player's species will receive DNA points and parts. After the creature stage, creatures will gradually decrease in importance until they are little more than targets. This is also where the player will first meet Epic Creatures. When the Player swims out far enough in to the ocean, a Sea Monster will appear and eat the player's creature. In this stage, Rogue Creatures will appear, and you will be able to befriend them or kill them (provided you have high enough attack/social points). After the player's species' brain becomes large enough, they become sapient and form a tribe.

Tribal stage Edit


Willosaurs in the Tribal stage, circa 2005.

In the Tribal stage, there will be fewer creatures on the player's homeworld. This is the only stage where domesticated creatures will appear. Epic Creatures and Sea Monsters will still appear in this stage, but in lower number. Rogue Creatures will no longer appear unless kept as pets from having them in your pack at the end of the Creature Stage. The homeworld will also seem smaller.

Civilization stage Edit

This is where cities will appear on the homeworld. There will be even less creatures on the planet. Epic creatures will still make an appearance. In this stage the player can only control land, sea, and air vehicles. The player's vehicle type is determined by how they played the Tribal Stage. The ultimate goal of this stage is to conquer all cities through Religious, Economic, Military or diplomatic means. Numerous tribes are displaced on the planet (the player can run over the huts with a vehicle to destroy them). Often after this, the tribesmen that survive can be seen gathering for a while. It's observed that they keep their outfit on when advancing to the civilization stage.

Space stage Edit

Homeworld Space View

A homeworld, as seen from space.

This is where the homeworld will seem smallest. This stage is also where the smallest number of creatures and plants are. The homeworld will be a T-3 Planet and have a Moon like Earth does, but it may be different than Earth's Moon, such as having oceans, or lava. It's always T0, so it must be terraformed before it's habitable. The homeworld also has a ring system, which is speculated to be satellites orbiting the planet. The player cannot change to a different homeworld, as the homeworld is the basis of the saved game. If all the cities are destroyed then a new colony will simply be founded with no buildings except a city hall. The player is also unable to use certain tools, notably destructive superpowers on the homeworld. After recoloring the homeworld, a glitch can occur which when using the de-painting tool, where the planet changes to a completely different colour. This is the only planet that will recharge the player's health and energy for free. It's to be noted that colony buildings have to be manually placed.

Missions Edit


The mission options at your homeworld.

Missions given to the player from their homeworld are different from missions given to the player by other planets in their empire and from alien empires. The missions the player can do for their homeworld are listed here:

Automatic Missions Edit

As you progress, the player is given these missions automatically.

  • Explore a nearby planet, scan a crashed UFO and then scan a city's ruins.
  • Place a colony on a T0 planet.
  • Contact another empire.
  • Sell Spice to another empire.
  • Expand your empire to 3 star systems.
  • Expand your empire to 7 star systems.
  • Create 2 alliances.
  • Contact The Grox Empire.
  • Complete the Becoming a Space Captain adventure (Spore Galactic Adventures only).

Manual Missions Edit

These are the missions that the player has to ask for.

  • Terraform a colonized T0 planet and put a Factory on it.
  • Paint a planet.
  • Find a Rare Artifact.
  • Sell a Rare Artifact to another empire.
  • Create a trade route with another empire.
  • Go to war with another empire.
    • You will have to destroy or capture all cities in an alien system.
  • Create an alliance with another empire.

Other Races' HomeworldsEdit

All empires encountered in the space stage will have a homeworld. This is shown in the galaxy view by a filled in circle of the empire's colour. The homeworld of other empires will be T3 with up to 10 cities (usually fully fortified and extremely efficient while still happy) and can have any colour of spice. The exception to this is the Grox whose homeworld is T0 and only 3 cities. See the Grox page for more information on their homeworld.

Creating HomeworldsEdit

This is a useful trick to obtain large quantities of expensive spice. Find a planet with the colour of spice you require. Terraform it to T3 and fill out the ecosystem. Next add a monolith and wait for the planet to evolve to space stage. You can then purchase the system via trade for a T3 planet with lots of turrets and 3 or more cities. Add a Spice Storage to store more spice. Unlike your homeworld, these planets will produce spice at a normal rate, meaning you can accumulate a large amount in a short space of time. Of course, these planets will not reap the rewards of free refills of health and energy for your ship.

More about the Homeworld Edit

This section will explain homeworlds in the Space Stage.

Homeworld Statistics Edit

Spice Production About 10-20 units per hour with maximum happiness and buildings in all colonies.
Spice Types Your homeworld will usually have red Spice, although in rare situations it is yellow. The homeworlds of NPC empires can be any color.
Colonies You start with 10 colonies on your homeworld (9 if you started in the Space Stage); however, they can be destroyed, and once destroyed they can not be rebuilt unless there are fewer than 3 remaining.
Vehicles Your colonies will use whichever vehicles you want them to use; however, vehicle statistics don't apply in the Space Stage.

Buildings in the Space Stage are the same as in the Civilization Stage.

Homesystem Edit

The Homesystem will always have a Yellow Main-Sequence star. It will also always have the same types of planet. It will have a Hostile Planet (either Lava,

24720 screenshots 20170115151024 1

A homeworld with a red orbit.

Rocky or Ice) and is most likely to have Yellow Spice, a Spiceless T-1 planet where you find a crashed ship, a Gas Giant of any colour and with no moon, your homeworld, and its moon, which is a Hostile Planet that is most likely to have Yellow Spice.

While the homeworld is almost always in a green (habitable) orbit, it is very occasionally in a red or blue orbit, but it will most likely be T-3, but if it isn't, it's most likely due to a bug that doesn't fill up all of the slots for the Ecosystem

Tool Prices Edit

These are the prices of tools at your homeworld (and your other Star systems). Prices may vary if a consequence ability is at use.

Colonization Edit

Uber Turret: §750,000
Spice Storage: §500,000
Colony Incredi-Pak: §150,000
Bio Stabilizer: §300,000
Bio Protector: §300,000
Happiness Booster: §300,000
Loyalty Booster: §300,000

Weapons Edit

Planet Buster: §5,000,000
Mini Auto Blaster: §100,000
Auto Blaster: §300,000
Mega Auto Blaster: §900,000
Mini Bomb: §400,000
Justa Bomb: §800,000
Mega Bomb: §2,400,000
Laser: §500,000
Mega Laser: §1,500,000
Rally Call: §750,000
Mini Pulse: §200,000
Pulse: §400,000
Mega Pulse: §1,200,000
Proton Missile: §400,000
Mega Proton Missile: §1,200,000
Anti-Matter Missile: §250,000
Anti-Matter Bomb: §400,000
Cloaking Device: §250,000
AOE Repair: §50,000
Shield: §500,000
Repair Pack: §10,000
Repair Mega Pack: §20,000
Energy Pack: §10,000
Energy Mega Pack: §20,000

Socialization Tools Edit

Mini Happy Ray: §200,000
Medium Happy Ray: §500,000
Super Happy Ray: §1,500,000
Fireworks: §24,000
Mind Erase: §300,000
Global Mind Erase: §50,000
Embassy: §500,000
Crop Circles: §80,000
Monolith: §500,000
Species Eradicator: §250,000
Supersizer: §400,000
Creature Tweaker: §500,000
Create Creature: §1,500,000
Wildlife Sanctuary: §600,000

Main Tools Edit

Hologram Scout: §200,000
Planet Scan: §100,000

Planet Atmospheric Edit

Cloud Accumulator: §450,000
Cloud Vacuum: §450,000
Refrigeration Ray: §450,000
Heat Ray: §450,000
Air Conditioning: §600,000
Hot Cloud Seeder: §600,000
Hot Cloud Vacuum: §600,000
Cold Cloud Vacuum: §600,000
Atmosphere Generator: §150,000
Drought Generator: §150,000
Ice Storm: §150,000
Meteor Shower: §150,000
Ice Comet: §225,000
Volcano: §225,000
Asteroid Call Button: §225,000
Atmosphere Freezer: §225,000

Planet Sculpting Edit

Raise Terrain (Small): §75,000
Lower Terrain (Small): §75,000
Level Terrain (Small): §75,000
Raise Terrain (Medium): §100,000
Lower Terrain (Medium): §100,000
Level Terrain (Medium): §100,000
Raise Terrain (Large): §200,000
Lower Terrain (Large): §200,000
Level Terrain (Large): §200,000
Terra Hills: §150,000
Terra Plateaus: §300,000
Terra Craters: §150,000
Terra Mesas: §300,000
Terra Seas: §900,000
Terra River: §300,000
Terra Mountain: §600,000
Terra Canyon: §300,000
Terra Lava Flow: §600,000

Ship Abilities Edit

Interstellar Drive 2: §150,000
Interstellar Drive 3: §300,000
Interstellar Drive 4: §750,000
Interstellar Drive 5: §2,000,000
Wormhole Key: §3,000,000
Small Energy Storage: 150,000
Medium Energy Storage: §300,000
Large Energy Storage: §450,000
Extreme Energy Storage: §600,000
Small Health: §150,000
Medium Health: §300,000
Large Health: §450,000
Extreme Health: §600,000
Basic Cargo Hold: §100,000
Medium Cargo Hold: §200,000
Large Cargo Hold: §500,000


Red Orbit Homeworld

A homeworld in a red orbit.

  • The homeworld always orbits a yellow star, but is not always in a green orbit. However, this is not normal and it is likely to be a glitch.
    • Also, your homeworld could, very rarely, not be T3.
  • The homeworld usually has red spice, but planets orbiting yellow stars can't have that color of spice.
  • When choosing a homeworld, players can get strategic with their homeworld placement (such as choosing the closest world to the galactic core to get there faster).
  • If all cities on your homeworld are destroyed, a new colony is automatically added.
  • Sometimes your homeworld has a rare Cube Planet as a moon.
  • There used to be a glitch that allowed you to have a custom homeworld. First, you need to have a Spaceship that has enough Terraforming tools to terraform a planet. As you travel with that UFO, you may come across an unsaved game. This can be identified as a T3 planet with a T0 moon as well as a gas giant and a T1 planet only filled with plant life and has a crashed UFO on it. The T3 planet is where a species of your choice can be found, but before starting a game on it, you may enter that T3 planet and mess around with anything you can ever think of; you may mess with the planet's colors, give it unusual mountains and rivers, and you can even go as far as to change it's T-Score of that planet. For example, you can make a Lava Planet, or an Ice Planet, or you don't always have to make it T3. After saving your game after making changes to your new homeworld, you can start a new game on it. If the following planet's T-score is changed, however, the stages may be harder to overcome, since in the Creature Stage, for example, the creatures are highly reduced, making it harder to progress. There are several crashes such as transition to the Tribal/Civilization stages. Unfortunately, this method of creating homeworlds no longer work due to a patch that fixed this glitch.
  • Despite the Creature Stage having hundreds of creatures on the planet, additional creatures that are attempted to be added once in the Space Stage will instantly die since there is "no more room for creatures to be added." A known fact is that creatures will disappear from the planet as the player progresses through the game (for example, the number of creatures from the Creature Stage is highly reduced as the player starts the Tribal Stage); however it is unknown why the creatures suddenly disappear as there is no explanation given. This also proves that the small note that appears in Space Stage when you attempt to add another species to the ecosystem is completely false, considering that many more creatures were able to live on that planet in the Creature Stage.

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