Hoosie are Maxis-made creatures, present in the final game. They closely resemble Dorky but are more vicious, and also more difficult to impress and befriend. They also share features with the Chumbu, namely bipedalism and a Gnathonasher.

When attacking prey, they typically attempt to spit acid at their foe from a distance before confrontation. When the prey approaches to fight back, the Hoosie will usually charge, which will daze the opponent, so that it may strike and bite without retaliation. Even if the foe retaliates, the Hoosie is able to take more damage than most other creatures.

In social situations, Hoosie are difficult to impress. They employ higher-than-average skills at dancing and charming would-be allies, and pretty decent skills at posing as well. They trip up when attempting to sing, and much like the Dorky, are known for their unimpressive songs.