How a Bill Becomes a Law is a Maxis-made adventure. It isn't included with Spore Galactic Adventures and must be downloaded from Sporepedia. The adventure involves the player helping a bill's quest to become a law that turns Spoffits the mascots of the game.

Act I: The PetitionEdit

In the first act, the player must talk to the Citizen Duckulon, who will explain the situation. Then, the player must talk to Senator Quibbly and give the petition to him.

Act II: The SenateEdit

After giving the petition to Quibbly, the Bill will appear. After talking to the Bill, the player must enter the senate and talk to the Majority Leader, who will tell the player to go to the Committee Action first.

Act III: The CommitteeEdit

The player now must give each lobbyist a mark-up that matches with it. The mark-up can be found in the other side of the room. The player must give:

  • Legalize genetic enginnering to breed disease-resistant super-Spoffits=Farm Lobbyst
  • Increase funding for school libraries=Librarian
  • Establing an endangered Poffle breeding program and protected habitat=Conservation Lobbyst

Act IV: Bring it on!Edit

Now it's time for some floor action! Talk to Bill, then go back to the Senate and kill the Lead Opposition with explosive books.

Act V: The HouseEdit

The player now must go to the corridor and talk to Bill, who is going to the House of Representatives. The player just need to wait Bill return.

Act VI: Amended!Edit

Bill passed the House of Representatives, but got an amendment. The player must go back to the senate and kill the Lead Opposition once again.

Act VII: Passed!Edit

Bill is surprised he passed even amended. The last step is to go to the White House, so Bill can be signed by the president himself. After the player enters the middle foor of the corridor, you will see a giant Barack Obama. The player now just have to move to Barack Obama's desk.

Act VIII: Signed!Edit

Bill has succeeded and turned into a law! After the player talks to Law, the adventure will end.


  • One of the mark-ups on the Committee Action room says: "Double the taxes on all imports from Grox colonies". Not counting Infestation, this is the only time The Grox are mentioned on a Maxis-made mission.
  • The cameo appearance by Barack Obama is the first and only appearance of a real person in Maxis adventures.
  • In this adventure, Obama is actually a spaceship!