Hyper Skeleton

A Hyper Epic skeleton; the skull is to the top right of the picture.

Found on many planets in the Spore universe are the skeletal remains of gigantic animals, presumably extinct, known as "Hyper Epic"; their real name is unknown. Extremely little is known about the Hyper Epic animal. Their footprints are only slightly smaller than an entire Epic creatures. They leave behind skeletons the size of landmarks. Their sheer size puts them in a different league than Epic or Supersized Creatures. The Hyper Epic skull resembles that of a sauropod dinosaur or llama, and is 2-3 times the size of a whole epic creature although skulls vary from skeleton to skeleton. Specimens have been found with human-like jaws, yet others have been seen with obviously dinosaur-like skulls. It is even possible to find some remains similar to excrement near by a skeleton. Some are even found with both skulls.

Hyper Footprint

A Hyper Epic footprint.

The species represented by the skeletons is a subject of debate, whether one or several is involved is also an utter mystery. So shrouded in secrecy are these creatures it is unclear if they are genuinely extinct as is usually presumed. This theory has been blurred by occasional sightings on large, uncivilized planets of what appear to be therapodal dinosaurs large enough to be seen in detail from space. Often found near epics.

The Hyper Epics may had came into existence due to natural causes, such as rapid mutation or gigantism, or even accidental / experimental purposes by aliens in the past.

Hypothetical Species Edit

Epic by Dinosaur Bones

A full Epic creature by "Dinosaur" bones, proving that the bones are not from a dead Epic.

This theory, however, often ignores the presence of hyper-sized footprints in the game. These are three toed and appear to be theropodal, and are remarkably distinct to llama footprints, which only possess two toes. It has been suggested at least once that the species responsible for leaving behind such gigantic bones was some epic-sized Skratcher, the mascot for creepy in the Creepy & Cute parts expansion. This theory holds little weight, as the skeletons were present in Spore before Skratcher was even conceptualized. Besides the llama, the skeleton (judging by the skull) may be from some sort of deer, or a species from the lagomorpha genus (rabbits and pikas). However, the footprints are distinctly bipedal. The key features include four, square front teeth, a long, pointed shape, and distinct molars. The chances are the creature has the ability to fly through space and only come down onto planets to eat, the old ones may not have been able to 'jump' back into orbit and thus died on the planet. This theory may be true, since the players occasionally found a T-1 planet with little-to-no plants, and often no creatures to be found on that planet, suggesting that a Hyper Epic visited the planet and fed on any plants and creatures there before returning to the orbit.

Contemporary Sightings Edit

At the time of this writing there is little substantial evidence supporting the prospect of living Hyper-Epics. Yet to be proven sightings of living hyper-epics do occur occasionally, generally set on large jungle planets. Several photos exist online purporting to show hyper-epic creatures, but none have been proven. As of now it is unclear whether Hyper-Epic creatures still exist. Rational arguments against living Hyper-Epics state that the data of the game has been taken apart and analyzed, and there is no evidence of any of these creatures actually appearing in the game at all. However, it is possible that a rare glitch can occur where Epic creatures are made too large due to a probability in their size multiplying; this has happened with certain creatures and plants, but Hyper-sized Epics are likely not planned elements of gameplay.

Galactic Adventures Edit

Hyper Epics cannot be made in Galactic Adventures, but their skeletons can be placed into the adventures. Their footprints, however, have to be replicated manually, unless you have the user made modification AdventureProps installed. It is possible to make a creature the same size by using T-Search, and videos have been made of Hyper-sized creatures in Galactic Adventures[1].

If you want to see what a Hyper-Epic might have looked like, simply make everything as small as possible. Then make epics normal sized (you can do this with your creature if you want him to be an epic), then make your "Hyper-Epics" Epic sized. This is just a good way to get a feel of the size of Hyper-Epics, and is in no way an actual Hyper-Epic, or a for-certain size comparison. Judging by the skeletons though, it should be close.

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