Infestation - Dronox Invasion is a Maxis-made adventure where you play as the Dronox clones from the Infestation. In this mission, instead of destroying the infestation pod, you must kill Barbaros and destroy his camp.

Summary Edit

Act 1: You talk to the Dronox Commander who says you must make this planet suitable for the Grox by destroying the houses on the planet and killing Barbaros' resistance.

Act 2: Kill 50 respawning Defenders and Barbaros. You are accompanied by Insectrox, more Dronox, and Mites. Destroy the homes in the valley.

Act 3: After defeating Barbaros you must destroy his campsite.

Act 4: Watch the campsite burn.

Act 5: Talk to the Dronox Commander who will say that the Infestation pod will make the planet suitable for the Grox.After that he says there's more work to be done and the adventure ends.

Trivia Edit

  • Although the original Infestation was worth 100 points, this one is only 15.
  • This is a locked captain mission.
  • This mission is allowed to edit which means you can see the make-up of the original mission.
  • Strange enough, if the Infestation Pod is destroyed, you won't lose the adventure.
  • The Dronox Commander knows Barbaros by name, which may mean he has caused trouble for the Grox before.
  • There is an easter egg in which at the last act, there is a Spoffit sitting on top of a throne. For exact location, go into the adventure editor. There are many other Spoffit easter eggs in Maxis adventures.
  • Strangely, Mites still have their flags set to "Enemy Team 2" (although they will not follow you and your allies will not attack them).