Interstellar Drive

The trail left in space by using an Interstellar Drive.

The Interstellar Drive is an upgradable passive tool that allows spaceships to travel between stars.


The Interstellar Drive is effectively a second engine (in addition to the basic engine that spaceships utilize) that is only engaged when traveling between stars. The speed of the engine slowly increases as the ship travels to an incredibly fast speed: hundreds of times faster than the speed of light. For example, light takes 4.2 years to travel from Earth's nearest star, other than the sun, to Earth itself. The Interstellar Drive allows ships to travel there in roughly one second. Providing a ship had infinite Energy, a ship could use the drive to travel from the end of one of the galaxy's arms to the centre in roughly 2 minutes. The drive cannot be used to simply travel through space: its high speed means that this would be hazardous as collisions with other space bodies would be high. The drive can only be used to 'jump' between stars. The pilots of a ship plot in the co-ordinates of a planet and the drive takes them there, through one (or a series of) jump(s). If a destination cannot be directly plotted, then the ship will use the drive to jump between several stars in order to reach a destination. All races, when progressing into the space stage, acquire the knowledge of how to construct the Interstellar Drive through alien knowledge. The power of their initial drives, however, is low, and frequent jumps must be plotted in order to traverse the galaxy. The early drive is also inefficient on energy/fuel, and therefore is much more costly.

Requirements Edit

Level Requirements Range (parsecs) Description
Interstellar Drive
Default at start of Space stage 3 "Your basic interstellar drive, allows you to leave your solar system."
Interstellar Drive
Frequent Flyer 2 or
Gopher 1 badge
5 "Increases your spaceship's travel range."
Interstellar Drive
Frequent Flyer 3 or
Gopher 2 badge, and
Interstellar Drive 2
8 "Increases your spaceship's travel range."
Interstellar Drive
Frequent Flyer 4 or
Gopher 3 badge, and
Interstellar Drive 3
12 "Increases your spaceship's travel range."
Interstellar Drive
Frequent Flyer 5 or
Gopher 4 badge, and
Interstellar Drive 4
20 "Increases your spaceship's travel range to the maximum."

Purchase Edit

Empire type Purchase Cost
Interstellar Drive
Interstellar Drive
Interstellar Drive
Interstellar Drive
Own §150,000 §300,000 §750,000 §2,000,000
Diplomat §75,000 §150,000 §375,000 §1,000,000
Scientist §75,000 §150,000 §375,000 §1,000,000
Trader §75,000 §150,000 §375,000 §1,000,000
Zealot §75,000 §150,000 §375,000 §1,000,000

Bugs Edit

  • Sometimes, when you have a later version of the Interstellar Drive, earlier versions of it can be purchased, usually from a newly created colony. However, it does not seem to affect your spaceship's travel distance.

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