The Jaw mouthpart.

The Jaw is a carnivore mouth in the Cell Stage, shaped like an arthropod mandible. It allows cells to bite other cells and eat meat chunks.

If a high enough proportion of meat is consumed during the stage, this allows the player to access further carnivore mouths (reptile, insect, fish, etc.) in the Creature Stage, of which one, the Gobsterclaw, resembles the Jaw with the addition of teeth. In the Creature Stage, the Jaw has a Bite and Sing power of 1.

Trivia Edit

  • When in Cell Stage, you can use this piece to pop bubbles as well as attack and eat meat chunks.
  • Contrary to some belief, this mouth is not required in order to access the other carnivorous mouths in the Creature Editor: all that is required is for your cell to end the stage with a carnivore card, which can be done with a Proboscis if a high enough ratio of meat to plant matter has been consumed.

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