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Jinx sought to liberate her enslaved people

Jinx the Dark Reaper is a Necro Tempest from the game Darkspore. She is from the planet Nocturna. So far, Orion and her are the only flying heroes in Darkspore. Other than being a member of the Nocturni Legion, her relations towards Arakna are unknown.

Revelation Edit

Jinx was first revealed on the Darkspore website along with Blitz, Meditron, and Magnos.

Lore Edit

Jinx was one of the many Nocturni gifted with Necrogenetic powers, these were "gifted" by the Crogenitor Ignot when he destroyed the web of life between the Bioforms and the Necroform spirits of Nocturna. These powers were far from a blessing, as many of the "chosen" Nocturni died in their infancy,with only the strongest surving, Jinx was the Strongest of these.

Why Jinx joined the Nocturni Legion, the military force that conquered her people, was a mystery. Some believed she was a Traitor, some others believed that she was working as a Spy, and some thought that she had been brainwashed by one of the Nocturni Eternals. But eventually she broke with the Legion when she rose to the rank of commander and vowed to destroy its leadership, the Nocturni Eternals.

Jinx, and followers loyal to her, turned on their fellow commanders in a devastating betrayal. Employing powers she'd kept hidden from the Legion, Jinx hurled dark matter devastators—darma—like necrotic grenades at her former Legion-mates.

Taking her finest warriors with her back to their ancestral hives, Jinx sought to liberate her enslaved people. She might have succeeded, had the Darkspore invasion not forced her to change her target from worldly to interplanetary.

Abilities Edit

Abilities skullbomb

Fires a glowing skull at a single foe, delivering extra damage to terrified or cursed enemies.

Abilities necrosiphon

Jinx channels a powerful ability that steals life-force from all nearby foes.

Abilities curseweak
Curse of Weakness (Squad Ability)

Inflicts enemies with a debilitating curse that drains their attack potency and causes them to take increased damage.

Abilities spirit
Spirit Catcher

All of Jinx's allies gain massive power whenever they kill an enemy nearby.

Notes Edit

  • Jinx apparently has wings from an airship, not a creature.
  • The Necrosiphon's Icon is identical to that of the Healing Aura. This has most likely been changed in the beta version.
  • On, Jinx was said to be a male character. In the BETA program, Jinx is referred to as "she", meaning his gender has been changed to female. This may have been done to satisfy fans who wanted more female characters. However, the change has not been met well by fans. It is possible, however very unlikely that the mention of Jinx being male on was a mistake.
  • Jinx is noted of being of the species "Nocturni",the same name given to the leaders of the Nocturna Legion. This may employ that in a similar fashion to the Plasma heroes, most of the Necro heroes are of the same species, this would explain the insectoid appearances and similar colors.

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