Jump Pads are fun objects that can be added to Adventures. As the name suggests, Jump Pads allow the player or creatures in an Adventure to jump at heights ranging from a small bounce to a massive jump into the stratosphere. Like every other object available, Jump Pads can be seen in their true form, be turned invisible, or disguised as something else, i.e. a bed. A glitch that sometimes occurs with these pads causes the player to jump right out of one's adventure planet and into the depths of space.


  • Jump Pads can be used as more amusing way of transportation then Teleporters. Causing the Jump Pad top end to be facing in the desired direction allows the player to "slingshot" across the adventure planet, though it's highly inaccurate at best.
  • Jump Pads can also be used as fun booby traps to rid of enemies in the adventure.
  • Jump Pads only work for creatures.

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