Kinetic Mines are Darkspore mutants from Scaldron.

Lore Edit

Prowling the pits and craters of Scaldron, the creatures that became the kinetic mines were once humble geophages, subsisting on Scaldron's rich deposits of silicate minerals. Once the Darkspore mutated them, the mines became aggressive, even rampaging, attacking any creatures they saw. Their thorny exterior serves as offensive armor--any attempt to fight them physically guarantees the attacker will suffer at least as much as his target. When mines die, their bodies emit pustules that metastasize into a super-combustible ichor. Merely stepping near those pustules triggers them to explode.

Abilities Edit

  • Drops plasma mines after death that explode on contact
  • Attempts to close in to melee range to attack.
  • Leaves behind mines after death that explode on contact.

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