Dark spr bodyimage thankyou

Krel as seen on the "Beta Comfirmation" email that was sent to people who signed up for the Darkspore beta program.

Darkspore KrelintheShip

Krel as seen in the Darkspore Editor Video.

Darkspore KrelAttacking

Krel (top-right) fires fiery darts, one of which hits Tork.

Darkspore KrelinSRS-42sDeck

Krel, as seen in SRS-42's squad deck.

DArkspore Krel

Krel, as seen in the Gameplay trailer, without his tri-cilinders.

Krel the Living Firestorm is a canine-like Plasma Ravager from the game Darkspore. He shares his genesis type and class with Blitz.

Revelation Edit

Krel was first seen in the Darkspore Gameplay trailer as one of the heroes who flashed by the screen at the beginning. After he was seen again in SRS-42's squad deck in the Loot and Colletion Trailer, his name was revealed on the Darkspore forum upon request by senior systems designer Paul Sottosanti. He was recently shown on the PVP producer diary. The Editor video confirms Krel as being a Ravager, as well being the strange black & white creature with three cylinders on it's back.

Lore Edit

Before a Crogenitor found him, Krel had wandered across the frozen deathlands of Cryos. Facing death by exposure, Krel faced creatures twice his size, but he refused to die, knowing that if he did, so would the thousands of eggs he'd left back in his nest. No matter what, he would bring back food so when they hatched, his progeny would survive.

But eventually ice storms became even more powerful than predators, while Krel lay dying, a Crogenitor appeared to him in a pillar of lightning, and having been impressed by his fighting spirit, transformed him. Krel arose, no longer a being of mere fur and flesh, but possessed the power of a star. But the Crogenitor who transformed Krel had motives more than mercy for an individual-he knew the Darkspore were coming, and with them, a horror-storm of mayhem and death.

By the time Krel returned to his nest, dragging with him the charred carcass of a megabeast he'd slain, he found all of his children dead. In one mass mutation of eggs, the Darkspore wiped out the hope of a future for Krel's entire species.

Krel stalked his foes, stunning them with fiery barrages, unleashing twinblazing attacks and triads of fire arrows. And thus, Krel, The Living Firestorm had become the scourge of every monster who haunted Cryosi territory.

Abilities Edit

Krel's basic attack is launching a series of fireballs at foes. He is also seen using an attack which allows him to rear in his back legs and shoot a current of lightning from his mouth. Another ability he has is to fire a sequence of 3 fiery darts that appear to continue flying through the air, even after hitting a target, from the 3 turret-like cylinders mounted on his back.

One of Krel's abilities creates a wave of fire that engulfs all enemies in front of Krel

Trivia Edit

  • "Krel" is the name of a hyper-advanced species in the classic movie "Forbidden Planet", in which a human space crew discovers that the Krel were destroyed when they created a machine that turned thought into reality, and inadvertently created huge invisible beasts formed from their subconscious hatred and anger. A conjured beast is only seen when the crew fire lasers upon it, causing its silhouette to shimmer and glow and showing it to be a fiery dog-like monster. Krel, the Darkspore hero, looks vaguely similar to this "Monster from the Id".
  • Unlike other four-legged darkspore heroes, who run with all of their legs moving at the same pace, Krel uses his two front legs at different paces and then lunges forward with his back legs, like an actual canine would run.
  • Krel is the only hero who is not from a sentient race.
  • The Bio for Krel is mixed up with Jinx's

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