Laser Tank Template Challenge

Laser Tank Template Challenge Picture

The Laser Tank is from one of Maxis’s Fixed Morphology challenges. It is a Cyber Character, and likely a Lieutenant class enemy, from an Unknown Planet. At least one winner's of the challenge might have their creation used as a Darkspore NPC.

There has already been First and Second place winners, and Four Honorable Mentions.


Possessing brains and nervous systems cloned from the planet's strongest warriors, laser tanks were once beings who fought the Darkspore. Formidable foes, laser tanks are highly resistant to energy attacks, and can slice up to three enemies simultaneously with sustained energy beams at nearby foes. They create “laser walls” to cage in their foes at penalty of dismemberment or death.

Contest WinnersEdit

Laser Tank By Parkaboy

First Place

Laser Tank by Matthew61

Second Place


1. Laser Tank by Parkaboy

2. Laser Tank by Matthew61

Runners UpEdit

1. RECRUIT of the Laser Tank empire By 0-silentium-0

2. Laser Tank By Driekbok


4. Laser Tank By Parkaboy


The Laser Tank has two known abilities:

  • It’s main attack is firing a maximum of three lasers at once, dealing damage to anyone walking through it. The laser beams don't appear to be able to move, but can stop firing and change direction, dealing more damage to anyone it hits. MaxisSparks revealed that the laser beams have a large but limited firing range, and if a Hero get to far away, it will shut off the beams and chase after the Hero until within firing range again. Lasers can be stopped if their path is obstructed.
  • It can been seen that the Laser Tank is coated with shimmering yellow-green energy-like substance, similar to that seen on the Acid Shell. This makes them resistant to energy-based attacks.


There has only been one known video of the Laser Tank, posted on the Spore Forum, however, it appears to be the Template creation. The planet seen in the video is an Unknown Planet, that may be the planet Infinity or Verdanth. This video has also been posted on the Forum page in response to the amount of Laser Tank entries having a cannon made out of detail parts and other parts on top of them.

Laser Tank Clip - Laser Tank Template Challenge00:08

Laser Tank Clip - Laser Tank Template Challenge

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