=== Limbs in the creature editor: "This is the most limited of the item categories in the game, with twelve different arms and twelve different legs to choose from. Most of the limbs look the same, but each one has unique attributes to consider when building your creature. Once placed, you can click on each joint to arrange its position in relation to the other joints and the rest of the body. The legs and arms affect your creature's movement, attack, and speed--all of which are important factors in determining how your creature will behave and survive in the actual game." [1] === While there are fewer limbs to chose from than say, mouths or hands, there are far more options for customizing them. Once placed, each joint and limb segment can be individually sculpted with the mouse wheel. Holding the control key (Ctrl) allows new limbs or parts of limbs to be inserted at any joint, either increasing the length of the limb, or dividing the limb into any number of new "sub-limbs", each of which may end in a foot, hand, weapon, mouth, or if the last joint is sufficiently enlarged; an entire head complete with mouths, eyes, ears and noses. Each of these sub-limbs can be further divided by the same process.

Sadly, it seems that arms and legs no longer affect movement, attack or speed. Arms do come with a default hand providing the Graspers ability, and legs include a basic foot with Speed+1, but should either part be removed the remaining limb does not provide any benefit. Neither the foot nor hand appear in the respective category, and are inferior to any of the parts listed there.

Although the inventory of arms and legs is small, 24 core limbs, 24 exoskeleton limbs, and 4 mech limbs. The actual number of unique parts is much smaller. The totals come down to, 5 core limb parts, 13 exoskeleton limb parts, and 3 mech limb parts.
New Bitmap Image

Showing all 5 core, 13 exo, and 3 mech limb segment parts.

A Creature without legs is known as a Slug.

Limb part data Edit

The first column is available in the free creature creator demo.

vaguely 1 2 3 4
Thin Arms Slackwrist $25 Python $25 Doubelbow $30 Wizardsleeve $30
Muscular Arms Meekling $25 Flextor $25 Burly $25 Bulgo $30
Thick Arms Deltroid $25 Cutty $25 Skrappy $30 Gunnshow $30
Thin Legs Brawnysaurus $35
+1 speed
Cankle $40
+1 speed
Broncosaurus $40
+1 speed
Steatopiggy $40
+1 speed
Thick Legs Phatella $35
+1 speed
Stompbottom $40
+1 speed
Callypigeon $40
+1 speed
Yumstick $40
+1 speed
Knee Bent Legs Thundercalf $35
+1 speed
Ostrichopath $40
+1 speed
Thighstrider $40
+1 speed
Qopazcoatl $40
+1 speed

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