Here is a list of Maxis' Adventures.

Available MissionsEdit

Note: These adventure's you will have already in your sporepedia but, with the exception of Adventure Town, you can't use your own captain in any of these Adventures.

  • Adventure Town - A first adventure when the player first tries out his new captain. This is the only adventure in this list that allows you to choose your own Captain. Spoffits: Yes
  • Bahaha 500 Time Trials - A Race game where Racer has to get to the finish line. Doesn't matter which place he's in. Spoffits: Yes
  • City Assault - The Floobiddy Empire faces the Snorgon Empire. Spoffits: No
  • Defend the Crystal Mine - Dango and his buddies need to defend the mine from the Crystal Beasts. Spoffits: Yes
  • Mothership Down - A common mission shown in trailers. A captain needs to go into the Mothership and blow it up inside. Spoffits: Yes
  • Mr. Puzzle's Magic Gates - Mr Puzzle lost his key in his own maze. Can the Captain Retrieve it? Spoffits: Yes
  • The Arena of Oorama - You must survive the trials of combat. Spoffits: Yes

Unlockable MissionsEdit

Note: You will not automatically be able to edit these adventures even when unlocked.

  • Becoming a Space Captain - Your Captain is beamed down to the bustling spaceport of Vat Tego, where the player learns about the new features of Spore Galactic Adventures. This is the only Adventure that can be assigned by your empire, though it can also be given by NPC empires.
  • It Came from the Sky - At a secret research base, an alien spaceship has crashed and released an infection. You must find someone uninfected and get him/her out of here.
  • Delicate Negotiations - A Romeo and Juliet Parody but unlike the Original, It has a Happy ending.
  • Ruins of Doom - You must go to a Ruined Temple to recover the lost Golden Llama.
  • Temple of Spode - You must defend the Priest as he follows you to the Temple of Spode.
  • Infestation - You must help Barbaros kill the Dronox to prevent the Grox's Infection from Spreading.
  • The Spirits are Restless - You must give an ancient staff to a horror stone to prevent sorrow from spreading.
  • TX-5000 Super Weapon - Free the prisoners and destroy a robot under construction.
  • Concert in the Park - Find all three popular Singers and get them to their concert.

Note: You can actually edit and play these adventures. In the Spore main menu, click in the main tool "Create". Then, select the adventure symbol and click in "Edit". The Sporepedia will open, and you will be able to edit and play Unlockable Missions!

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