Little Oogie

Little Oogie

Little Oogie is one of the main protagonists in Spore Creatures. He is Oogie's best friend.

Part in the Story Edit

Little Oogie is first seen with Oogie when they reach the beach. Little Oogie will help with the tutorial, until he is abducted by Gar' skuther's UFO. He is then seen when the UFO crashes on other island, where he was infected by Gar' skuther's tentacles.

He is also seen in the last cutscene, cured from the tentacle after the defeat of Gar' skuther, where Oogie tells him about his adventures in other planets.

Trivia Edit

  • Little Oogie is the only Oogie in the game with different body colours.
  • As Warriors say on capture missions, they keep a Little Oogie, named Mr. Jiggers.
  • A creature resembling Little Oogie can be made in the creature editor by changing the Oogies colours, although it has no effect on the actual size.
  • Little Oogie has only 2 social points, despite the fact that he should have 3 because of the eyes. This may or may not be intentional.