The Lobolby is a Maxis-made creature, packaged with the vanilla game. They are a species of small bipeds, comparable to a mixture of a Wyvern and a Dilophosaurus. Lobolbies are colored bright shades of purple and magenta, have a row of spikes running down their spine and at the end of their tails, and have a pair of fins protruding from the sides of their necks.

Interestingly, although they are carnivores, their eyes are positioned on the sides of their heads, behind the snout. This physiological adaptation is more typical of herbivores in the real world.

The Lobolby is a middle-strength predator, having a formidable bite and a weak charge. As a carnivore, it could prey off of early to mid creatures and out-compete some scavengers for dead bodies.

It is also in possession of an acceptable array of social abilities. Its greatest social asset is a higher-end singing stat, but it is also capable of poor dancing and charming.