Lumin: The Lightning Provoker, Plasma Tempest from Cryos.

Darkspore LeemakPGN HD

Lumin in a Squad Deck. This image was where his likeness was seen for the first time.

Darkspore LeemakKilled

Lumin is killed by Goliath's Zetawatt Beam.


Lumin in the Editor.(Lava effects are absent due to being in the editor mode.)

Lumin: The Lightning Provoker is a Plasma Tempest from Darkspore. He is from the planet Cryos.His attacks are lightning-based, so to even out the plasmagenesis type, Char was given all fire-based abilities.

Revelation Edit

Lumin was first seen in the PvP developer diary. His name was mentioned by Michael Arsers, the narrator of the video, as Lumin was killed by Goliath's Zettawatt Beam. Michael could not be heard clearly though, resulting in confusion as to his true name. His name was later confirmed to be Lumin by a developer on the Darkspore forum.

Lore Edit

Charged with rescuing his fellow Cryosi from the Darkspore, Lumin valiantly threw himself into every mission of mercy, whatever the danger, and whatever the plan. He risked himself to rescue trapped miners, lost expeditions, wounded diplomats, and imperiled larvae of the next generation.

But no matter his heroism, Lumin still lost too many innocents to the horrors of combat, and too many victims to the monstrous deformities that Darkspore mutations produced. And every time, Lumin had no choice but to terminate the genetically-doomed before they could slaughter their fellow Cryosi.

By the time Crogenitor Ptyron found him, Lumin had gone mad.

Knowing that Lumin’s only hope to regain his sanity was a return to saving his people, Ptyron transformed him into a superior entity. Surging with power he’d never dreamt could exist, Lumin became lightning personified, able to command ionic death from his staff, to summon bolts of electrical punishment from the sky, and to electrocute whole squadrons of his enemies as if they were connected by a cable of destruction

Abilities Edit

Lightning Orb: Shoots a crackling lightning orb that deals 5-15 energy damage at a single ranged target. Enemies struck by an orb will take 10% more damage from energy attacks for the next 3 seconds. The vulnerability effect stacks up to 5 times

Thunderstorm: Lumin channels, causing bolts of lightning that each deal 9-28 energy damage to descend from the sky and strike random enemies within 20m of him for 5 seconds.

Webbed Lightning: After concentrating for 1 second, 12 streams of lightning burst out in all directions, dealing 15-46 energy damage to enemies and shocking them for 3 seconds.

Chain Lighting (squad ability): Sends a horizontal bolt of lightning at the target that deals 24-49 energy damage and jumps to 2 random nearby enemies. Each jump deals 25% less damage than the previous one.

Passive-Charged Field: Lumin´s mere presence charges the surrounding atmosphere, increasing the Critical Rating of all nearby allies by 50% of Lumin´s own Critical Rating.

Trivia Edit

  • When using his power to summon a lightning storm, Lumin performs the same animation of Spore's Tribal Phase's chieftain when using the "Refreshing Storm" ability. This, however, might just be a placeholder animation.
  • Lumin's name is likely derived from the word "Luminate", a reference to his fiery appearance.
  • Lumin bears a strong resemblance to the Lavaquins from the game, "Ty the Tamanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan". Interestingly, both Darkspore and this game are EA games.
  • Lumin has a crack in his face that runs from the bottom right corner of his chin and up to the top left coner of his forehead.

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